Tuesday 13 September 2016
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China: Power Supply - Communication - Signalling - OCS Integration Project for Beijing - Shenyang High Speed Rail begins

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The first pole of OCS (Open Control System) was erected on the Fuxinbei-Heishanbei part of the Liaoning section of the Beijing-Shenyang high speed rail network at 10am on 19 August, marking the beginning of the construction of the Power Supply - Communication - Signalling - OCS Integration Project for Beijing-Shenyang HSR.

The project, covering the 406.8-kilometre Liaoning section, includes a power supply system, OCS, traction sub-stations, intelligent disaster prevention and safety monitoring systems, electromagnetic interference prevention systems and supporting buildings on the line. In accordance with the strategic arrangements for China HSR Go-Global Initiative, builders will carry out during the construction multiple integrated tests for the intelligent traction power supply system and for the study of higher-speed technical standards to further improve China’s HSR technical standard system.

(Source: Chinese Railways)

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