Information published on 13 September 2016 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 514.

Czech Republic: FISAIC modellers raise the future generations of railway workers

To begin with such a strong statement in the headline may probably seem like an exaggeration, but the seminar for young modellers of the FISAIC, which took place from 2 – 8 August in Kostelec nad Orlicí (Czech Republic) definitely deserves such a title. The seminar hosted over 30 participants from France, Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic, who jointly created miniatures of railway buildings and landscapes around them for a whole week.

The integral part of the seminar was not only modelling as such, but also the history and future of the railways in the form of excursions, trips and visits of railway museums, the House of Model Trains (which is the permanent exhibition of model railways in Prague) and the modern Science laboratory at Faculty of Transportation of the Czech Technical University in Prague. At the latter, the young modellers had the opportunity to try various developmental stages of station control system and railway signalling equipment, from mechanical to the computer controlled ones, including the simulation of operation ETCS.

Thus, they learn more and more about railway issues through a game which increases their interest in being part of the railway family in the future. FISAIC is very well aware of the importance of working with young people and that is the reason why the organisation plays such a substantial role. “A group of model railways is an important link between the older generation of railway employees and young people as potential future employees. One of its main missions is to develop love for railway and pride for working in this field. This is our mission, domain and power,” says Roman Sterba, the head of the modeller’s group of the FISAIC.

In addition to the FISAIC platform, the financial support of national railway companies, funds, foundations for leisure activities and other related entities has been crucial. Thanks to that support, seminars and events such as this can be organised. But in return, FISAIC itself also has a lot to offer in the form presenting the work of the railway workers and railways as such before the public, attracting new members and potential employees, supporting young generations and arranging international meetings to perform activities which connect us railway workers together. This is currently the key role, vision and mission of the FISAIC. And every bit of it was accomplished during the seminar in Kostelec.

(Source: Czech Railways)