Tuesday 13 December 2016
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Kazakhstan: 1000th container train passed through Altynkol station on the China-Europe route

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On 1 December, the 1000th container train passed through Altynkol station and the dry port in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) “Khorgos – Eastern gate” on the China-Europe route.

The train, organised by JSC “KTZ Express” together with JSC United transport and logistics company (UTLC), passed the customs procedures and the overload on the 1520 track in just 55 minutes.

The Hewlett Packard (HP) products will arrive at the destination on 7 December.
“The attractiveness of this route is due to the infrastructure and the quality of logistics services provided in the dry port SEZ Khorgos – Eastern gate and the whole route on 1520”, said the President of JSC “KTZ Express” Dias Iskakov.

Currently, JSC “KTZ Express”, together with partners, operates on 17 regular container routes. In addition to the anchor partner in Lianyungang the company is cooperating with Chinese cities Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi’an, Yiwu, Hefei, and Lanzhou. The company’s clients are large multinational companies Hewlett-Packard, Acer, Huawei, Foxconn, Toshiba and others.

As noted by the first Vice-President of the UTLC E. Jakishev, “Soon customers will be offered a new transit time of delivery for the infrastructure of 1520 mm. This will improve the attractiveness of the railway route UTLC and will serve shareholders affected by the growth in traffic of 1 million TEU forecast for 2025”.

The capacity of the railway infrastructure on the base of the route UTLC allows you to provide unhampered volume. The terminals on the borders with the EU and China also have a significant margin of safety.

(Source: KTZ)

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