Tuesday 31 January 2017
UIC Europe

UIC welcomes RSSB to the UIC community

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On 1 January 2017 RSSB, the UK rail sector body that undertakes work in the areas of research, standards, analysis and insight, became a member of UIC.

Coordinator Europe, UIC Simon Fletcher met some of the RSSB team on 24 January to discuss the areas where the work of RSSB and that of UIC can come together to form a partnership approach to strengthen the development and delivery of a safer, more efficient and sustainable rail system.

It is anticipated that building on the strong technical capabilities of both UIC and RSSB, the collaborative engagement with RSSB will bring a number of benefits for the whole rail system with a strong emphasis on research and innovation – RSSB is an active member of the Research and Innovation Coordination Group (RICG) and the International Railway Research Board (IRRB).

For further information please contact Simon Fletcher, Coordinator of UIC Europe:


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From left to right: Martin Brennan (Senior Research Policy Manager), Luisa Moisio (Head of Research and Development) and Catherine Baker (Senior Evaluation Analyst) and Simon Fletcher (UIC)