Information published on 14 March 2017 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 539.

China: Railway police spares no efforts in ensuring orderly and smooth transport

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With universities and colleges nationwide open for a new school year, the railway ushered in a new round of passenger hikes on return trips. Local railway police across the country adjusted police deployment in time, strengthened station area inspection and supervision, and worked in close cooperation with the passenger transport departments to guide passenger flows. They also tightened security checks, cracked down on illegal activities that might cause financial loss on passengers, and ensured orderly and stable passenger transport during peak times.

Local railway police departments heightened law enforcement at squares, ticket offices, waiting rooms and other areas through increased patrolling, video surveillance and other forms against key targets and suspicious items. They worked closely with the railway passenger transport and traffic control departments, to get hold of passenger flow during rush hours or on key trains, and the status of train operation. They arranged forces at flyovers, underground passages and other key areas, worked with the passenger departments in organising station gate security check and ticket check, and ensured order in boarding trains by splitting passenger flows by time, diverting passengers and preventing crowding and stampeding.

Railway police coordinated railway stations, to strengthen supervision and inspection, conscientiously implement duties and procedures of security posts, and increase the intensity of security checks. Railway public security divisions at Guangzhou, Yanbian, Datong and other places mobilised administrative personnel to reinforce key stations, while those at Jinzhou, Wuwei, Hami and other places worked closely with in-station armed police and local public security organizations to carry out patrolling to ensure order.

(Source: CR)