Tuesday 21 March 2017

Kazakhstan: The trade unions of Kazakhstan and Russian Railways agree on cooperation

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The Kazakhstan trade union of workers from the railway, road air and water transport (Kazproftrans) and the Russian trade union of railwaymen and transport builders (Rosprofzhel) signed an agreement about interaction and cooperation in Moscow.

The document is aimed at protecting the social and labour rights of trade union members working in the branches of JSC NC KTZ, located on the territory of the Russian Federation, and workers of JSC Russian Railways engaged in Kazakhstan.

According to the Chairman of Kazproftrans O. Akhmetbaeva: “In accordance with the statutes and within the limits of their authority, we will work to guarantee, as defined by national labour law and collective agreements of the two countries”.

The unions intend to negotiate with employers at the conclusion of sectoral agreements and collective agreements, to organise training and improving the skills of trade union officials and activists, to promote the development of physical culture, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle among the railwaymen.

The head of the Union Rosprofzhel N. Nikiforov notes that the "agreement is reached on all paragraphs of the document, our actions are aimed at supporting and strengthening the unity of trade unions, maintaining corporate interests of the group of companies JSC NC KTZ and JSC Russian Railways.

(Source: KTZ)

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