Information published on 21 March 2017 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 540.

UIC participates in digital innovation session at the SITL Transport and Logistics Event

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During the SITL Transport and Logistics event from 14 – 16 March, UIC had the opportunity to reposition itself on the digital issue during the session Computerisation: the great leap forward

The key messages included:

Creation of the Digital Platform with several aims including monitoring on the part of our members and meeting their needs in terms of digital innovation

Digital technology: making reliable information available to anyone in real time

Anyone with a smartphone is potentially a digital player and has access to information

Innovations developed within start-ups: projects carried out within shorter deadlines and reduced budgets

Several open business approaches: open source, open data

For rail freight, digital technology brings numerous advantages. The current trend comprises the terms connected objects and big data.
The expected outcomes are:

  • Improvement in production and better quality of service for rail freight customers.
  • Big data can lead to improved management of train-paths and increase the quality of service

The computerisation of various transport documents can simplify procedures, increase productivity, reduce processing times and increase quality

Regarding customers, digital technology can help broadcast information in terms of accessible data and access channels and make it more reliable thanks to connected objects

Many things are already in place but we should be aware that in the area of digital technology – what we call the third industrial revolution – we have only just begun and the scope of possibilities is limitless

This revolution is global

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