Information published on 28 March 2017 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 541.

Germany: DB invests billions of euros in noise protection

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In the report of the Noise Reduction Manager which will be presented in April, DB will give an account of the various measures which have been put in place.
So far 2,000 km of noise protection walls have been constructed and 1,600 km of lines (40% of the 3,700 km of lines considered as heavily loaded) have been the subject of noise protection measures.

57,000 houses and flats have received windows that protect against noise.
A total of 1.2 billion euros have been invested in noise protection, of which 100 million euros have been invested by DB directly.

By the end of 2017 Deutsche Bahn will increase the number of its ‘quiet’ wagons (with quiet brake blocks) from 33,000 today to 40,000.
By 2020, all the fleet of 64,000 wagons will be fitted or re-fitted, which will enable the target of halving the noise produced by railways to be achieved. The cost for DB Cargo: 230 million euros.

Ronald Pofalla, member of the DB Board responsible for Infrastructure said: “This money is well spent. For it is obvious that the future belongs entirely to ’quiet’ wagons. If we want to carry more goods by rail in Germany, we must have the support of the population, today more so than in the past.

(Source: Deutsche Bahn press release)