Tuesday 9 May 2017

The European Federation of Museum and Tourist Railways (FEDECRAIL), the World Association of Tourist Trams and Trains (WATTRAIN) and UIC sign an MoU

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The European Federation of Museum and Tourist Railways (FEDECRAIL) and the World Association of Tourist Trams and Trains (Wattrain) represented by their President, Mr David Morgan, and UIC, represented by its Director General, Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, signed a new Memorandum of Understanding on 27 April in Paris in the framework of the TopRail (Tourism Opportunities for Railways) activity.

WATTRAIN seeks to promote the interests of the owners and operators of heritage and tourist trains and trams worldwide. Based in London, UK, it ensures that the value of heritage rail is a recognised issue. It engages and supports the sector internationally to facilitate the sustainability of the sector through the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of information.

FEDECRAIL is the European umbrella organisation representing national umbrella and individual Museum and Tourist Railways and Tramways in 27 European countries totalling 650 organisations. It was established under Belgian Law in 1994 as an international not-for-profit organisation and is managed by a volunteer Council appointed by its Members.

UIC, Wattrain and Fedecrail agree to cooperate with each other, to the extent possible, through undertaking active collaboration in the pursuit of two main common objectives: to enhance the visibility and acknowledge tourism opportunities by rail and to increase the rail’s share of the tourist market.

This MoU will enter into force upon signature by the parties for one year, after validation of the next General Assembly of UIC, which take place on 10 July 2017 and it has been officially presented by Mr Ignacio Barrón de Angoiti, Director of the Passenger and High Speed Department and Mr David Morgan, President of Wattrain and Fedecrail during the Fedecrail Annual Conference held on 5 May 2017 in Antwerp.

To know more about TopRail’s activity please visit toprail.org

Or contact: Vanessa Pérez, UIC Advisor for Passenger Transport:


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