Tuesday 18 July 2017

France: Modernising the network for everyday mobility: public information campaign in every region of France

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On Wednesday 5 July, SNCF Réseau launched a public-information campaign in every administrative region of France, with the aim of drawing attention to the efforts of SNCF Réseau and regional administrations across France to modernise the rail network for everyday mobility.

Nationwide communications campaign

In each region, the local press and social media will carry briefings focusing on one or two major projects from 5 - 7 July and from 20 - 22 September 2017. A 30-second film spotlighting nationwide efforts to modernise the rail network will also be broadcast online.

This campaign shows SNCF Réseau and the regions’ commitment to daily mobility and improving quality of service for all customers.

1,600 engineering works across the rail network in 2017

With the support of our partners in local & national government, SNCF Réseau will run 1 600 engineering upgrades across the French network in 2017. The work will renew 1,000 kilometres of track, 500 switches and 4,000 kilometres of catenary.

To ensure engineering works run as smoothly as possible and minimise the impact on operations, SNCF Réseau applies a range of innovative industrial technologies.
For example, our factory train can lay up to 1,000 m of new track in a single night, whilst the catenary renewal train simultaneously removes the old contact wire and installs the new one. For its part, our tilting wagon can transport a whole switch to a site without disrupting regular traffic, where the rail crane lays it in place with inch-perfect precision.

Alongside this, we are recruiting an extra 2,800 staff to help modernise our infrastructure. SNCF Réseau is one of France’s biggest employers and a major driver of economic growth.

Modernising the network in every region

The works in question are vital and cover everything from track renewal to replacing several kilometres of catenary contact wire. SNCF Réseau’s strong and effective relationships with the administrative regions ensure the successful completion of each of the many and various projects taking place across France.

“I would like to sincerely thank the Presidents each of France’s regions for their collaboration on this wide-ranging project to modernise the core network.”
Patrick JEANTET, Chairman and CEO, SNCF Réseau

(Source: SNCF)

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