Information published on 12 September 2017 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 560.

UIC Digital Days on 18 and 19 September in Rome: Let’s shape the digital future of mobility together!

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UIC and Italian Railways, FS, are pleased to announce the UIC Digital Days, sponsored by MERMEC (Platinum) and IBM (Gold), to be held from 18 – 19 September in Rome under the motto: “Let’s shape the digital future of mobility together”. As part of the work led by the UIC Digital Platform launched at the end of November 2015, UIC has planned a series of dedicated workshops aimed at exploring the links between digitalisation and various dimensions of the railway system. UIC organised the first workshop on 7 October 2016 at UIC Headquarters, focusing on the links between digitalisation on the one hand and freight and passenger services on the other.

Based on a business-oriented approach, the discussions will aim to show the participants in a practical way the advantages of digitalisation, through augmented intelligence, inputs for asset management or railway industry, mapping solutions for 3D railway asset digitalisation; and the theme of cybersecurity will be discussed in depth, along with its strategic approach, the management of crowd movements, security for the digital transformation of rail and infrastructure, and the legal approach.

This workshop is open to UIC Members and stakeholders. Confirmed high-level speakers include:

  • Jean-Pierre LOUBINOUX, UIC Director-General
  • Renato MAZZONCINI, CEO and Director General Ferrovie dello Stato – Digital Development and Security for Railways
  • Prefetto Franco GABRIELLI – Head of Police – Police and the virtual territory control
  • Fabrizio CURCIO – Head of Italian Civil Protection –National Civil Protection and a Cybernetic Attack on a Critical Infrastructure
  • Agostino SANTONI – CEO Cisco Italia and Chairman Assinform – TLC Infrastructure, the basis for Digitalisation
  • Giuseppe CORASANITI – Deputy Attorney General – Cooperation and Security for Critical Infrastructures
  • Michel MORVAN, COSMO
  • Vincent MAUMY, SNCF
  • Franck PAVERO, Officer in charge of Telecoms, Defence and Electronic war, Advisor for Defence and Security for fight against Cyber-criminality and Cyber-terrorism
  • Don UPSON, Founder and Co-Chair CES Government
  • Marc ANTONI, UIC
  • Marco CARRAI, Group Cybersecurity (MERMEC partner company)
  • Francesco TEODINO, Security Unit Leader IBM Italia

For further information and details on the programme please contact Francis Bedel, UIC Chief Digital Officer: