Information published on 26 September 2017 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 562.

China: Track laying completed for China’s longest fast railway in extremely cold area

On 6 September, track laying was completed for the whole line of new Harbin-Kiamusze railway, the longest fast railway in extremely cold area of China, marking the start of tight alignment of the track.

With construction initiated in 2014, Harbin-Kiamusze railway starts from Harbin, goes by Binxi, Fangzheng, Demoli and Yilan and ends at Kiamusze, with 14 stations along the way. The line totals 343km and has a design speed of 200km/h, serving both passenger and freight traffic.

The opening of the line will reduce travel time between Harbin and Kiamusze and its surrounding cities. The travel time from Harbin to Kiamusze will be cut from the current 7h to 1h50min, making people’s travel much more convenient.

(Source: CR)