Information published on 3 October 2017 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 564.

Launch of the book: “Dream Stations, a Worldwide Odyssey”

Save the date: 10 October 2017 at UIC Headquarters

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Dream Stations, a Worldwide Odyssey, published by Langages du sud editions, presents a selection of fifty-four of the most beautiful and emblematic rail stations in the world.
This brand-new work was conceived in collaboration with UIC and its members: railway companies from every region of the globe. We visit five continents to discover these historic monuments which are not merely places of transit between trains, but the great witnesses of our time.

These stations are extensions of the urban space, and truly palaces of the modern era. We admire the daring history of certain stations, their grand architecture or simple charm, and the dazzling style of others. Rail stations, symbols of journeys and motion, are the theatre of thousands of lives, from all ages and cultures. Within these pages each rail station, selected from the heart of a city, country or continent, transports the reader to a place of beauty and humanity.

This work also pays homage to rail stations by way of the cinema, as an enduring proof of their universal dimension.

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