Tuesday 24 October 2017

Czech Republic: Chess Train Tournament held on 13 October 2017

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The seventh Chess Train tournament was held on 13 October. During the five-day tournament, chess players will travelled on the route from Prague - Olomouc – Trenčín – Bratislava – Lednice –Prague.

The unique worldwide project held by Prague Chess Society and České dráhy (Czech Railways), which connects rail travel with an international chess tournament, attracts chess players from all over the world to visit Prague. This year 84 players form 16 different countries decided to participate.

“We started on Friday 13th, however unlike majority of population chess players consider number 13 to be a lucky number. On 13 April Garry Kasparov, who became the 13th world champion and absolute world legend, was born,” said the chairman of the Prague Chess Society, Pavel Matocha.

“I am pleased that our joint project with the Prague Chess Society has been successfully going for seven years already. The past years have proved that the royal game of chess clearly belongs on the railway and that this unique project tempts chess players from all over the world to visit our country. I see the international chess tournament on board the train as a unique sports event and at the same time as a symbol of cooperation with partners from abroad. Last year we cooperated with German and Austrian partners, this year with partners from Slovakia and next year it will be Poland,” said board chairman and general director of Czech Railways, Pavel Krtek.

(Source: ČD)

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