Information published on 24 October 2017 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 567.

Join the Talent Team in Moscow for the 3rd networking and collaborative event

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In 2017 the TALENT networking and collaborative event (7 – 9 December) is being organised in the frame of the Transport Week taking place in Moscow, Russia from 2 – 8 December 2017.

Transport Week is an annual business event that includes a series of nationwide and international activities dedicated to the transport industry.

The event, organised in co-operation with the Russian University of Transport (MIIT), will be staged as follows:

  • Thursday 7 December: training day
  • Friday 8 December: youth contest 2017, 11th International Exhibition Transport of Russia
  • Saturday 9 December: technical/sightseeing visit

The Talent Training Day on 7 December will be organised at the Centre for Multimodal Transport Systems of the Institute of Management and Information Technologies (CMTS), M.I.I.T.

The training will focus on multimodality with a business game dedicated to the “Organisation of work of a passenger Transport-interchange hub”.

Every day, millions of passengers travel on suburban and long-distance domestic and international journeys, most of them using two or more modes of transport. The interaction between those modes of transport is therefore fundamental for the integrated and qualitative services to passengers.

The interaction between railways and road transport is one of the most common types of such an interaction, which can be explained by the location of their infrastructure and the needs of passenger flows. Railway transport in 99% of cases cannot transport the passenger “door-to-door”. Road transport, however, does not have the appropriate capacity and carrying capacity for mass passenger transportation over long distances. The place of interaction between railway, road transport and urban public transport is the station complexes, which in the long term become transport-interchange multipurpose hubs, the clear organisation of their work determines the quality of passenger service, and the efficiency of use of areas and vehicles.

Quality of passenger service, safety, duration of a trip on a given route (and ultimately the efficiency of the transport interchange hub) is conditioned by the clear, accurate and efficient decisions taken by the various actors involved in the transport interchange activity.

Using the “Transport-interchange hub” module, the one-day training will give participants the opportunity to be confronted with the different situations of the various actors involved in the transport interchange activity.

Attend the training and practise your skills in decision-making, problem solving, communication and team work, as well as learn modern approaches in the field of marketing research.

There is no technical pre-requisite to attend the training, which will address more specifically the managerial as well as the organisational skills of the participants.

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