Tuesday 6 February 2018

Digital panel session to be organised during the World Highspeed Conference in Ankara, Turkey

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The UIC Digital Platform is designing all its activities according the three well-known founding principles:


For the very first time, a digital panel session will be held during the World Highspeed Conference, organised with UIC and Turkish Railways (TCDD) from 8 – 11 May in Ankara.

It will be a great opportunity to share, open and connect.

We have to invent the railways of the future in order to better respond to the demand of the mobility.

Mobility is the combination of different transport modes that, at the end of the day, propose a door-to-door solution to customers.

Rail, and obviously Highspeed are part of the mobility chain.

The Digital Panel of the 10th Worldwide Highspeed Conference will be an opportunity to open up to the digital ecosystem, to connect with those who will develop the railways of the future, start-upers and students.

We will help to connect to them in order to reach a better understanding and an enhanced cooperation with start-ups and universities.

A dedicated Highspeed Digital Awards will be organised for this occasion.

It will a unique opportunity to welcome major actors of the worldwide digital sphere.
Don UPSON, CES Government Co-Founder and Co-Chair will join us to deliver a keynote speech during the conference. He will share his vision on how digital can help rail to face the mobility challenge.

The UIC Digital Platform aims at supporting its Members with digital developments and innovations.

The very first development referred to a technical device to detect shunting defaults: “shunting booster” Proof Of Concept. This POC was designed by Digital Platform and Rail System Department. This most successful initiative has gone past the POC level since it is being tested in a production environment by some of our Members.
DIGIM project (DIGital Impacts on Business processes) is also dedicated to the design and implementation of concrete Proofs Of Concept (POC).

One of the major ones is the design of a digital project to assist blind travellers in rail stations. Two versions of this POC will be implemented in two different locations: one in Canada (Ottawa VIARAIL station) and the second one in Russia (the station is to be selected by RZD).

This initiative focuses on increasing autonomy and safety for blind people. This initiative is just one example among many others being managed by the UIC Digital Platform for the benefit of our Members.

Since then, many other developments are being managed to better respond to the digital demands and needs of UIC Members.

Please visit the dedicated congress website: http://www.uic-highspeed2018.com/

For further information please contact Francis Bedel, UIC Chief Digital Officer:


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