Tuesday 13 March 2018

Iran: North-South Corridor is vital for Iran’s rail transport development

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The CEO of the Iranian Railways (RAI) called for faster completion of the North-South Corridor as a vital element for the development of rail transport between Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia.

“Completion of the North-South Corridor leads to the development of rail transport between Iran, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Russia”, said Saeid Mohammad Zadeh, CEO of RAI during his meeting with his Azerbaijani counterpart in Baku.

The Deputy of the Iranian Transport and Urban Development Minister also stressed the significance of this corridor as a vital element in increasing the transport volume between the three mentioned states.

He assessed the process of constructing the Astara Freight Terminal and Astara-Astara railway line which are under construction through cooperation with Azerbaijan, with the Azeri rail officials.

Mohammad Zadeh certified that the Azeri side has committed to the completion of the North-South Corridor.

Javeed Ghorbanov the CEO of Azerbaijan Railways, also stressed the Azeri side’s commitment to complete the North-South Corridor in this meeting and said: the agreement for construction and operating the Astara Freight Terminal between Iran and Azerbaijan has been signed and the Azeri side is allowed to rent the Astara-Astara railway line for 15 years and the freight terminal for 25 years from Iran.
It has to be mentioned that the Astara-Astara railway line is scheduled to be inaugurated between the two states before long.

According to the rail officials of Iran and Azerbaijan, North-South Corridor will link the three states of Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia to Scandinavia.

(Source: Iranian Railways)

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