Thursday 22 March 2018

Focus on four publications which address the topic of signalling

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Leaflet 736 – “Signalling Relays”
Last Ed. n.4, year 2004, in revision since 2008. Status Changed from R-Recommendatory to I-Informative.
Justification/Comments: Many IXL safety cases depend on UIC 736. Therefore 736 should be available into the medium future in order to avoid endless discussions with safety assessors & DeBo. UIC 736 should refer to EN 50578 & IEC 62912. (Recommendation adopted by Signalling Expert Group in 2015).

Leaflet 737-2 – “Measures to be taken to improve track circuit shunting sensitivity”
Last Ed. n.3, year 2004, Status I-Information (no change).
Comments: The leaflet is still important and valuable, still valid for most parts. Some upgrading is necessary (only relevant part sshall be left as contents of the leaflet). The Leaflet 737-2 will be reworked and transformed into an International Railway Solution (IRS), as the outcome of the activity on the POC (Proof Of Concept) “Track Circuit Shunting Booster” – in the frame of UIC project P-583.

Technical Report, “Use of Signalling Relays”
Also available in French and German versions (“Utilisation des relais de signalisation“; “Einsatz von Signalrelais” ).

New International Railway Solution (IRS) now being developed on “Using the Artificial Intelligence for remote monitoring of signalling assets” – in the frame of UIC project P-591.

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