4th UIC Asia-Pacific Photo Contest – Voting Process

We invite you to click on the three photos you have chosen by 21 August 2018!

For the fourth time, UIC is organising a photo contest for the UIC Asia-Pacific members.
Prizes will be awarded to the best, most attractive or most amazing pictures to be voted by 3000 e-News readers.

A calendar will be printed for the year 2019 with the 12 best photos.
You will find below an array of photos that we have received, and we invite each reader to vote for the one they like best in terms of originality, representativeness, artistic quality, etc.

Based on your own criteria, we invite you to select the photo you have chosen by 21 August 2018. Please follow this link to vote:

For further information please contact Béatrice Ségéral:

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Monitoring Products & Services

Rail Freight Corridor (RFC) User Satisfaction Survey – your feedback is very valuable!

In September 2018, the annual RFC User Satisfaction Survey will be re-launched.

The RFCs are carrying out this survey in order to know the opinion of their present and future users and the terminals regarding their products and services, with the goal of further improving them for the benefit of international rail freight.

The survey has been conducted annually since 2014 and the RFCs have already been able to improve specific areas based on feedback from the respondents.

The RFCs are looking forward to receiving your feedback in order to keep increasing the quality of their products and services, monitored also by the set of KPIs that were developed with the UIC ECCO project. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in participating, please visit the websites of individual RFCs for more information about participation:

For further information please contact Giancarlo De Marco Telese, Senior Freight Advisor:

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News from UIC members

United States: FRA Issues Funding Opportunity with $318 Million for Capital Projects

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) today issued a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) Program that includes more than $318 million in grant funding from the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018.

“The Notice of Funding Opportunity for the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure & Safety Improvements grant program seeks to collaborate with private, state and local investments to boost much-needed rail projects across the country, and we hope interested parties will apply by the stated deadline,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao.

This NOFO will assist in funding projects that improve intercity passenger and freight rail transportation safety, efficiency, and reliability. Funding for positive train control (PTC) systems deployment—$250 million—was provided under a separate NOFO published in May 2018.

The CRISI grant program directs much needed critical investment to rural America. By directing at least 25 percent of available funds towards rural communities, the Department is able to safely connect and upgrade rural America’s rail infrastructure.
In addition, selection preference will be given to projects with a 50-percent non-federal funding match from any combination of private, state, or local funds. The Department will also consider how well the project aligns with key Departmental objectives including supporting economic vitality; leveraging federal funding; preparing for life-cycle costs; using innovative approaches to improve safety and expedite project delivery; and holding grant recipients accountable for achieving specific, measurable outcomes.

“These CRISI grants will help make rail systems safer and more efficient for local communities throughout the country,” said FRA Administrator Ronald L. Batory.
The FRA will host webinars on August 8, 2018, to aid eligible entities seeking funding. Those interested in participating can register at , and FRA encourages participants to submit questions in advance. Applications for capital projects funding under this solicitation are due no later than 5:00 p.m. EDT, up to 60 days after the date of publication in the Federal Register. To view the NOFO, visit . Following the publication of the NOFO in the Federal Register, FRA plans to provide web-based training and technical assistance to applicants to address questions.

(Source: US DoT)

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News from UIC members

Italy: Zero impact railway stations thanks to the GreenHub project

In September, first experimental installation in Rapallo

Zero impact railway stations with the GreenHub project. The objective is to combine environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, innovative technology and new services for travellers and visitors.

GreenHub is a pilot project aimed at making stations of the future a unique green space in which innovative technologies studied by Italian and international start-ups will coexist both inside and outside the building.

In September 2018, Rapallo will be the first GreenHub railway station and will become a case study for technicians and industry experts. The station will in fact host the multi-source Dynamo installation, developed by start-up Verde 21 in collaboration with three other new companies, which will offer new services to passengers using energy produced from renewable sources.

Travelers will have benches with integrated sockets for charging tablets and smartphones as well as an access point with Wi-Fi connectivity. Geolocalized information will be available through specific displays. Furthermore, in the near future, recharging stations for electric bicycles and electric scooters will be installed in areas outside the station.

Dynamo integrates technological products from various Italian start-ups. Verde 21 will accumulate and supply the renewable energy collected by traditional photovoltaic panels and by special transparent photovoltaic panels produced by start-up Glass To Power. For the accumulation of additional electricity, adopting the same technology in different permutations, the area will be paved with walkable photovoltaic panels made by start-up Platio. With start-up U-Earth’s technology, air will be monitored and purified in real time. The integrated approach will thus allow the development of a new technological concept that generates synergies between large and small companies.

As evidence of the FS Italiane Group’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility, Dynamo will be the fulcrum of a true green area, given that the space in which it is rising will be characterized by the use of recycled and recyclable materials. Travelers in transit will appreciate the versatility of the pyramid-shaped establishment, in perfect harmony between sustainability, technology and aesthetics. Among the materials used, wood, aluminium and steel stand out.

The innovative GreenHub technology project, on which the FS Italiane Group is working, through its companies Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and Italferr, and in collaboration with Sirti, as part of Elis Consortium’s Open Italy 2018, is a programme that aims to combine the need for innovation from large companies with the need for growth of start-ups.

(Source: FS)

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News from UIC members

Finland: Digitalisation assists in the development of road paving works

This summer, the Finnish Transport Agency is again leading (and has led) fascinating pilots promoting the digitalisation of road paving works. The aim is to use digitalisation to improve the efficiency of the planning and implementation of road surfacing works and enhance the quality of the end product. The pilots will provide rapid insights into what is now possible and sketch out a development path towards the future.

Several pilots were carried out last summer. For example, SL Asfaltti Oy conducted a ”Real-time mass monitoring system pilot”. The aim was to investigate how to combine output data from an asphalt mixing plant’s ERP with data from a mass monitoring system to provide aggregate data enabling any participant in surfacing works to monitor the information they need in real time. In addition, the possibility was investigated of automatically providing an output data report in accordance with the customer’s expectations.

Similarly to the other trials, the pilot provided insights into how such solutions can be implemented and make both the customer’s and contractor’s work more efficient. Information on all of the completed and ongoing pilots is available here.

“The Finnish Transport Agency hopes that even companies that are not yet involved in our various pilots will read the reports and present their ideas for technological development within the sector. New working methods can seem arduous to begin with, when systems are just being developed and introduced, but it is already clear that digitalisation will bring new efficiencies,” says Katri Eskola, Procurement Expert at the Finnish Transport Agency.

Manufacturers of asphalt compactors will demonstrate their expertise at Orimattila

The compaction of the fresh, asphalt mass laid on a road is one of the crucial phases of asphalt paving. Last summer, NCC Industry Oy completed a pilot, ”Compactness monitoring during roll compaction”, which investigated how the quality of compaction work can be verified and reported to the customer, using a measurement and control system.

This summer, we will continue work on this important topic by organising a broader study and pilot, in which the companies providing the technology can demonstrate their own equipment on road works in Orimattila, in late July and early August.

Each operator will be assigned its own area, in which it will conduct compacting work with its own equipment. The Finnish Transport Agency will conduct a study of the site, with the report being drawn up as Master’s thesis for Tampere University of Technology.

“Our thesis student will monitor the outcomes and record what each actor has done at each site. Drill samples will be taken from the sites and examined to determine how well automatically reported compaction data corresponds to gaps traditionally measured from drill samples,” says Eskola.

Asfalttikone ABM Ltd, Real Machinery, Wihuri Ltd Witraktor, Volvo and Wirtgen have announced their participation in the Orimattila pilot. The pilot has raised interest in the industry and representatives of the Swedish Transport Administration will visit Finland to follow its progress.

The pilot forms part of sub-project three of the Finnish Transport Agency’s digitalisation programme (Proactive management of the road network’s condition). The pilots have been completed in cooperation with companies, under road surfacing contracts tendered out by ELY centres.

(Source: FTA)

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News from UIC members

Kazakhstan’s flour was sent on the new railway route to Afghanistan

The length of the route Kostanay - Bolashak - Serhetabad (Turkmenistan) is more than 3,500 kilometres. As part of the organised train, more than 50 wagons travelled with a cargo weight of 3,300 net tonnes.

“Kazakhstan holds the leading positions in the world for the production of grain. The main task of the railway is to ensure timely and high-quality transportation of agricultural products, including this strategic cargo. The development of transportation along the new route will increase the transit potential of Kazakhstan, reduce turnover and accelerate the return of rolling stock by 2-2.5 times,” said Mukhtar Zhambulov, Deputy General Director for Operations of "KTZ-Freight Transportation” JSC.

Since the beginning of 2018, 4.2 million tonnes of grain have been delivered for export, which is 56% higher than the for the same period in 2017. 1.2 million tonnes of flour have been transported, which is 8% more than in the last year.

Products of Kazakhstan agricultural producers are sent mainly to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

(Source: KTZ)

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Instagram account of the week

Today we are putting the spotlight on Transport for New South Wales (TFNSW-ASA), member of the UIC Asia-Pacific Region

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