Information published on 8 January 2019 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 628.

Climate Chance 2018 Report

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This first report of the Global Observatory of Non-State Climate Action builds on existing knowledge, by bringing together nearly 1000 references from global reports of think tanks, NGOs and IGOs, databases, scientific literature and specialist press.

What is it about?

Unique in its importance, this report highlights the impressive swarm of initiatives around the world. It crosses public policies and non-state actions within the main emission sectors (Book 1), focuses specifically on territorial action (Book 2) and new financial tools (Book 3). It is based on available data and studies in order to better understand recent trends in greenhouse gas emissions, which is a necessary step if we want to give credibility to scenarios of stabilisation of global warming.

The report is divided into three thematic books:

  • Sector-based action
  • Mobilisation of the local and subnational governments
  • Bringing finance on board – report on climate action in the financial sector

The sector-based report contains a chapter on rail titled Greenhouse gas emissions: a decisive asset for rail? This chapter assembles data collected among others, by UIC and IEA.

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