Information published on 12 November 2019 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 668.

Czech Republic: Geodesists chart territory for high-speed line from Praha-Běchovice to Poříčany

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Employees from companies with which Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) concluded contracts on carrying out the geodetic bearing of the terrain are already in the field between Prosenice and OstravaSvinov (HSL Moravian Gate), Modřice and Šakvice (HSl South Moravia) and since the end of September also between Praha-Běchovice and Poříčany (HSL Polabí). They are preparing the geodetic and map documentation for up to 130 kilometres of new lines.

“Terrain works will be going on throughout the whole autumn. They consist in the bearing of the current state of the terrain, existing buildings, greenery or roads on the territory which has to be charted in detail in a band several hundred metres wide. The bearing of the current territory state will serve as documentation for further stages of designing and preparation for the HSL in the pilot sections mentioned above”, said Mr Martin Švehlík, Head of SŽDC Department for HSL preparation and adds: “We want to provide maximum information on all preparation steps; that is why SŽDC created an email address where any questions on the current situation in HSL preparation can be sent.”

In accordance with the Construction Act, SŽDC as an entitled investor already submitted a proposal for updating Principles for territorial development of the capital city of Prague and for the related change of the Territorial plan of the capital city of Prague. These should determine and specify the suggested corridor for a construction of the HSL Polabí pilot section on the territory of our capital including the construction definition as publicly beneficial. The corridor should connect to the already defined one on the Central Bohemia Region and is a basic prerequisite for acquiring a territorial decision.

Launch of construction of the high-speed section from Praha-Běchovice to Poříčany which should constitute the first stage of HSL Praha – Brno is expected in 2025.

(Source: SŽDC)