Tuesday 19 November 2019

Technical visit to Isfahan railway station in the context of the UIC nextstation Conference (Tehran, 11 – 13 November 2019)

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On 13 November, following the UIC nextstation Conference held in Tehran on 11 – 12 November, international experts and participants from all over the world, visited the railway station of Isfahan.

They were welcomed by the head of the station, who underlined its characteristics. The railway station of Istgah-E Gatah, built 50 years ago, is located to 12 km from the city centre.

International experts had the possibility to exchange with the hosts and to better understand the main concerns of Iranian Railways in terms of urban and land use planning.

The main sources of traffic and revenue of this railway station currently come from freight. The presentation highlighted passenger and freight forecasting demand.

A high-speed line linking Tehran to Isfahan is currently being built and in three years will connect the two cities in 1 hour 40 minutes instead of seven hours today.

This new railway development will no doubt boost the city of Isfahan, in reference to the motto of the conference “Railway stations boosting the city”.

The railway station of Isfahan is located on the Tehran-Shiraz route, a route of 1019 km representing the most attracting tourism routes of Iran having several historical and natural attractions.

Isfahan railway station is 548 km from Tehran. As another symbol of cooperation, the UIC delegation had the pleasure of discovering a railway map of the region published by UIC in a meeting room of the station.

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