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Invitation to participate in a survey on mainstreaming biodiversity in transport infrastructure: maturity, gaps and needs in European countries

IRS 70778-3 receives an award from the UIC Standardisation Unit

A few words from the experts: IRS 90930 – excellence award

A few words from the experts: IRS 90940 – excellence award

First UIC Standardisation Awards

Freight wins!

Joost Overdijkink, UIC Senior Freight Advisor

Interview with Asako Togari to mark her first mandate as Vice-Chair of the Standardisation Platform

Interview with Laurent Schmitt, Chairman of the Standardisation Platform

IRS 30301 Accountancy regulations for international passenger traffic

Sabine Dambuyant, SNCF

IRS 60672: Joint efforts to promote IRS for high-speed rail

Baoshi Huo, Chairman of UIC Intercity & High-Speed Committee

IRS 70723: Technical aspects of vegetation control and tree risk management awarded in the “Proficiently Developed” category

4th African Railway Thursdays webinar Sustainable Development Challenges: Railways of Tomorrow

SAFETY4RAILS project held its third workshop with the external experts of the Advisory Board on 29 April 2021

UIC, European Commission and rail infra owners to debate 5G-enabled FRMCS deployment

Belgium: Lineas acquires Rotterdam-based operator Independent Rail Partner (IRP) to strengthen its presence in the Dutch market

UIC supporting its members in the transition from PRIFIS to OSDM: OSDM converter workshop held on 27 April

19th UIC Covid-19 Task Force web-conference held on 27 April 2021

Rail Freight Forward (RFF) – CEOs discuss two technology game changers: digital platform and digital automatic coupling

UIC World Congress on Rail Training, Talent and Development (WCRT)

UIC presents opportunities and challenges for the Southern and Middle Corridors