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UIC ERTMS Platform: 2nd Milestone of the ERTMS Implementation Benchmark Group: Workshop at UIC (Paris, 19 May)

UIC Infrastructure Forum (Paris, 20 May)

“Rail Infrastructure Environmental Conditions” workshop including EU-project InfraGuidER workshop and kick-off meeting for the UIC-project “Adapting Rail InfraStructure to Climate Changes” (ARISCC)

7th UIC Asian Regional Assembly held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on 15th May 2009

UIC, the worldwide association of railways, welcomes the proactive and ambitious initiatives launched by the USA in the field of environment and rail transport

Russia: Russian Railways plans to increase cooperation with the Czech Republic

Spain: New President of Renfe Operadora

New President of Korail Mr Huh Joon-young appointed new Chairman of UIC Asia

5th meeting of UIC Regional Assembly Middle-East (RAME) in Aleppo, Syria, on 31st May

Infrastructure Assets Management Seminar (Paris, 19 May 2009)

Passenger Forum: On the way to Passenger Rights implementation

Chinese delegation visits UIC

SIAFI Europe 2009 (International Rail Activities Information Session)

UIC-UNECE partnership: UIC First session of the task force on Rail SECURITY (Geneva, 14 May)

UIC ERTMS Platform: OSE, TRAINOSE, EDISY and ERGOSE, the Group of Hellenic Railway Companies, hosted the 13th case study workshop of the ERTMS Benchmark study (Athens, 29-30 April)

Prequalification Group

The GSM-R Frequency Workshop

UIC on the fast track for rail research in Europe

UIC successfully continued the Railenergy dissemination with the 5th workshop “EE Traction” in Nuremberg

e-RailFreight project: An important milestone