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UIC SAFIRST project presents its second technical report

Report on the assessment of crosswind risk on locomotives and passenger rolling stock

First coordination meeting of the recently appointed Chair and Vice Chair of the UIC Latin American Region

UIC welcomes the EU “Fit for 55” plan: Delivering the EU’s 2030 climate targets on the path toward climate neutrality

UIC debates FRMCS connectivity at International Railway Summit (IRS) rail webinar

New tools and insights to optimise infra-capacity, deal with disturbances and improve train services

Successful Digital Modelling Workshop

Railway System/Standardisation Unit and Electronic Business Unit: international cooperation

UIC delegation participates in a virtual session on increasing competitiveness in international rail transport organised by the Permanent Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Commission of TRACECA

Autonomous technologies in rail discussed at a successful dedicated webinar

UIC publishes first edition of IRS 70779-9, “Safety in railway tunnels”

UIC and rail infra owners to debate achieving seamless FRMCS connectivity

PEKIN – HANKOU, la grande épopée

New book tells the story of railway construction in China in the early 20th century

UIC participates in the International Transport Forum

François Davenne participated in the Movin’ On Connect Summit on 3 June 2021

UIC SAFIRST project presents its first technical report on assessment of wind exposure along railway lines

Spain: Liberalisation of high-speed rail begins in Spain

UIC publishes first edition of IRS 70705, “Infrastructure for tilting trains”

UIC MILA project presents its final report

Philippines: Philippines to engage Japanese manufacturers for NSCR Express trainsets

Artificial intelligence, case of the railway sector: state of play and perspectives published by UIC