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1 February 2022
Kick-off workshop on Malaysian rail standards held on 24 December 2021 with active participation from UIC
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24 January 2022
Interfaces and Interaction between Infrastructure Subsystems and Rolling Stock (TTI) Sector board meeting held on 20 January
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12 January 2022
Presentation of third UIC SAFIRST project technical report
Report on the application of reference characteristic wind curves
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16 November 2021
G-Code project kick-off meeting held on 10 November
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28 July 2021
UIC SAFIRST project presents its second technical report
Report on the assessment of crosswind risk on locomotives and passenger rolling stock
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9 July 2021
New tools and insights to optimise infra-capacity, deal with disturbances and improve train services
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8 June 2021
UIC SAFIRST project presents its first technical report on assessment of wind exposure along railway lines
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10 May 2021
Artificial intelligence, case of the railway sector: state of play and perspectives published by UIC
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2 April 2021
First training session on rolling stock maintenance organised by UIC Africa, ONCF and SNTF
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26 March 2021
UIC publishes first edition of IRS 50505-1, "Railway transport stock - Rolling stock construction gauge” in collaboration with the OSJD
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15 February 2021
Delft University of Technology
Online programme for rail professionals starting in March 2021
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9 February 2021
Interfaces and Interaction between Infrastructure Subsystem and Rolling Stock (TTI) sector board meeting held on 3 February
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1 December 2020
Climate change, digitalisation and sector alignment dominated the UIC Freight Forum held on 25 November 2020
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25 November 2020
Railway System and Standardisation Unit: International cooperation
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18 November 2020
UIC participates in Huawei Global Rail Forum 2020
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5 November 2020
Rail System and Standardisation development and APRA Regional Interfaces
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14 October 2020
New book release at PMC Media House
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9 April 2019
Annual meeting of the RIC/A Special Group at UIC