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Promotion of rail corridors in the Western Mediterranean

Video conference organised within the framework of GTMO 5+5

High-speed trains integrated into the African railway network

17th African Regional Assembly held on 9 December 2020

Vice-Minister for Roads and Urban Development of Iran and President of Iranian Railways (RAI) and UIC Director General met online on Monday 30 November to discuss developments at the Iranian Railways

African Railway Thursdays: second webinar

Standardisation: technical and financial challenges for the African railway networks

Seventh training session on railway maintenance, 9-20 November organised by UIC African Region

African Railway Thursdays: Second webinar

Standardisation: What are the technical and financial challenges for African Railway Networks?

African Railway Thursdays - 1st Digital Webinar – 1st October 2020

UIC Africa region - African Railway Thursdays

1st Webinar: DIGITAL, Thursday, 1 October, 2020, 10 am - 12 am (GMT+1)

28th GTMO 5+5 expert meeting on 15 September 2020

Webinar on African Integrated High-Speed Rail Network Project 26 August 2020 AUDA-NEPAD

Update on the African Integrated High-Speed Railway Network by AUDA-NEPAD

8th Training Session on Railway Security organised by ONCF and UIC opened on 22 June 2020

UIC African Region - Rabat 22 June 2020

Tunisia: Mr Chiheb Ben Ahmed was appointed President and CEO of Tunisian National Railways (SNCFT) on 30 April

Web-conference “Covid-19: African Rail Networks – Impacts and adaptations!" held on 7 May 2020

UIC brings together its African members during a video conference on Covid-19

EUMedRail Seminar on a safety management system held from 25 – 26 February 2020 at the Algiers Conference and Exhibition Centre

UIC delegation attends meeting from 10 – 11 February 2020 at ONCF headquarters in Rabat

16th UIC African Regional Assembly held on 9 December 2019 at UIC Paris

6th edition of the Training Session on Safety and Track Maintenance held from 19 – 29 November 2019 in Rabat