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Save the date: UIC Asia-Pacific online conference on digital, 27–28 October 2021

The 31st UIC Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly was held online on 24 June 2021

Save the date - UIC and China State Railway Group, Co., Ltd. (CR), are preparing for UIC HIGHSPEED 2022

Keystone speech delivered by François Davenne at CORE 2021

Austria/China: First train from China arrives at Cargo Center Graz

UIC delegation participates in a virtual session on increasing competitiveness in international rail transport organised by the Permanent Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Commission of TRACECA

Russia: Russian Railways presents unmanned Lastochka at international rail automation seminar

PEKIN – HANKOU, la grande épopée

New book tells the story of railway construction in China in the early 20th century

6th UIC ASEAN online meeting held on 22 April on the 2022 opt-in process and UIC projects in and with ASEAN

Philippines: Philippines to engage Japanese manufacturers for NSCR Express trainsets

Philippines: Philippine government invites bids from Japanese railway manufacturers for massive North-South Commuter Railway project

UIC presents opportunities and challenges for the Southern and Middle Corridors

UIC Pacific meetings held online on 9 March and 15 April

5th UIC ASEAN online meeting held on 25 March with a focus on passenger traffic and railway stations

UIC participates in the Philippine Railway Virtual Summit I held on 19 March in Manila

UIC and UNCRD joint event on sustainable railways in Asia-Pacific held on 17 March

4th UIC ASEAN online meeting on railway standards and standardisation held on 25 February

One week to go before the Sustainable Railways in Asia-Pacific online webinar on 17 March 2021

UIC Pacific meeting held online on 9 February

Sustainable Railways in Asia-Pacific 17 March 2021 Online webinar