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7 October 2021
Tenth Conference of Transport Ministers of the Countries of the Western Mediterranean (GTMO 5+5) held online on 6 October
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5 October 2021
Third INTERTRAN workshop on the prospects for intermodal transport digitalisation held online on 29 September 2021
The JSC “Russian Railways” (RZD), a member of the UIC Asia-Pacific Region, has been implementing the “Measures for the effective development of multimodal transport in the Asia-Pacific Region aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the railway transport (INTERTRAN)” project since 2018.
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4 October 2021
CIT/UIC Passenger Claims Departments’ Conference
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1 October 2021
Interview with Paola Negri: fighting for rail accessibility
The European Year of Rail sheds light on the future of rail, but is rail truly an accessible transport mode for all?
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29 September 2021
Connecting Europe Express and SEESARI in Ljubljana
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28 September 2021
Austria/Europe: More rail for the environment
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27 September 2021
REMINDER - Save the date: UIC Asia-Pacific online conference on digital, 27–28 October 2021
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16 September 2021
Rail Accessibility Day to be held on 5th October online
UIC is pleased to invite you to Rail Accessibility Day, to be held online on 5 October
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15 September 2021
François Davenne, UIC Director General, gave a keynote speech in the two-day online event - Digital Rail Revolution organised by Global Railway Review
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22 July 2021
Save the date: UIC Asia-Pacific online conference on digital, 27–28 October 2021
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16 July 2021
Invitation to take part in the online Passenger Claims Departments’ Conference to be held on 22 September 2021
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13 July 2021
UIC brings its members together for its 98th General Assembly
Key issues discussed include Research, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Standardisation, Sustainable Development and Ticketing (OSDM)
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12 July 2021
1st UIC Podcast: Connecting the world of Railways, a conversation with Gianluigi Castelli
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9 July 2021
Successful Digital Modelling Workshop
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8 July 2021
UIC governance: Mr Krzysztof Mamiński, CEO of PKP (Polish State Railways) appointed as UIC Chairman Mr Mohamed Khlie, CEO of ONCF (Moroccan State Railways) becomes UIC Vice Chairman
UIC new governance covers the period 8 July 2021 – 31 December 2023
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28 June 2021
UIC Safety Platform plenary session held online on 18 June
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23 June 2021
Post Master’s Degree in Smart Mobility: Digital Transformation of Mobility Systems
Drive tomorrow’s mobility
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17 June 2021
UIC delegation participates in a virtual session on increasing competitiveness in international rail transport organised by the Permanent Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Commission of TRACECA
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14 June 2021
IRS Rail Webinars to debate boosting passenger confidence and spreading demand
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8 June 2021
Digital Modelling Workshop to be held on 30 June