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Approval of the OSDM Online Solution: IRS 90918-10 Version 1

New OSDM (Open Sales and Distribution Model) platform to replace UIC’s PRIFIS international tariffs distribution tool

First UIC Open Sales and Distribution Model (OSDM) technical meeting held online on 22 October

UIC TLG and TSG meetings held on 18 and 19 October

UIC launches new ticket control service: the Electronic Ticket Control Database (ETCD) enables real-time control of passenger tickets

UIC to debate post-Covid new normal in IRS Rail Webinar

Technical agreement signed between UIC and FSM (Full-Service Model Initiative)

UIC-IATA Passenger workshops held from 3 – 4 March 2020 in Geneva

The UIC passenger technical groups on ticket layout, ticket security and reservations systems held their meetings from 17 – 20 February 2020 in Vienna

UIC and IATA sign a Memorandum of Understanding

The objective is to promote innovation and develop activities of common interest, mostly in the field of ticketing

Passenger Services Group plenary meeting held on 7 November 2019 in Berlin

UIC Passenger Director met the managers of the RAI Passenger Department

UIC-CER High-Level Passenger Meeting (HLPM) held from 3 – 4 October 2019 in Barcelona

Technical Passenger Experts Subgroup meetings held from 24 – 27 June 2019 hosted by Linkon/Silverrail in Stockholm

Commuter and Regional Train Services (CRTS) working group meeting in Bern

The TAP-MD (Maintenance & Development) Working Group met on 20 and 21 February in Brussels

Hungary: Rail Passenger Transport Company MÁV-START Co. announces latest developments in rail ticketing

The NRT (Non-Integrated Reservation Tickets), IRT and NT commercial groups met in Warsaw from 2 – 4 October 2018 for a series of meetings hosted by PKP-IC

Passenger Technical Groups held on 25 and 26 June 2018 in Bern

The yearly NRT (Non-Integrated Reservation Tickets) working group meeting was held from 5 – 7 June in Athens