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The meetings of the EMCA (European Management Committee of Assistants) and the EGoA (European Group of Assistants) were held virtually on 3 June 2021

18th UIC Covid-19 Task Force web-conference held on 30 March 2021

European Management Committee - meeting held virtually on 18 March 2021

Restructuring of the UIC Station Sector – Station Managers Global Group: working together to prepare stations for current and future challenges

10th UIC Covid-19 Task Force web-conference held on 7 July 2020

Business as usual for Europeans

The European Management Committee (EMC) and Regional Assembly Europe (RAE) met on 29 June 2020

25th UIC Regional Assembly for Middle East (UIC RAME) held on 24 June 2020 online

The 29th UIC Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly was held on 29 June 2020 for the first time via web-conference

Online workshop focusing on the impact of Covid-19 on Security held on 17 June 2020

UIC Intercity & High-Speed Committee (ICHSC) Alliance for High-Speed Rail web-conference with University of Naples held on 27 April 2020

UIC and OTIF sign a Memorandum of Understanding on 7 December 2017 in Paris with a view to deepening cooperation