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Railway System/Standardisation Unit and Electronic Business Unit: international cooperation

UIC publishes first edition of IRS 70705, “Infrastructure for tilting trains”

IRS 70778-3 receives an award from the UIC Standardisation Unit

A few words from the experts: IRS 90930 – excellence award

A few words from the experts: IRS 90940 – excellence award

First UIC Standardisation Awards

Freight wins!

Joost Overdijkink, UIC Senior Freight Advisor

Interview with Asako Togari to mark her first mandate as Vice-Chair of the Standardisation Platform

Interview with Laurent Schmitt, Chairman of the Standardisation Platform

IRS 30301 Accountancy regulations for international passenger traffic

Sabine Dambuyant, SNCF

IRS 60672: Joint efforts to promote IRS for high-speed rail

Baoshi Huo, Chairman of UIC Intercity & High-Speed Committee

IRS 70723: Technical aspects of vegetation control and tree risk management awarded in the “Proficiently Developed” category

Panel of Structural Experts (PoSE) board meeting held on 2 March

4th UIC ASEAN online meeting on railway standards and standardisation held on 25 February

The SFERA project opens a new user group

First Excellence in Standardisation Awards Less than one week to submit your contributions for IRSs

Why are IRSs “International Railway Solutions”?

Approval of the OSDM Online Solution: IRS 90918-10 Version 1

Railway System and Standardisation Unit: International cooperation

UIC participates in Annual Meeting of the 1st OSJD Commission

Railway System and Standardisation Unit: development of the interface between UIC and OSJD