Information published on 16 December 2014 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 429.

High Speed Rail World Congress Tokyo 2015: Call for Papers

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The 9th World Congress on High Speed Rail, to be held from 7 – 10 July 2015 in Tokyo, is being organised jointly by UIC and JR East (East Japan Railway Company).
The Scientific Committee invites you to submit your call for papers for the parallel session. All the details can be found on the congress website:

The following documents have to be provided:

  • Picture
  • Short biography
  • Session topics

Under the slogan “Celebrate the past, Design the future”, the congress will be based on the “50-50 concept”. This means that the presentations will be split in two halves respectively focusing on:

  • Category 1: challenges already raised and the lessons drawn from experience over the last 50 years (past) on the one hand,
  • Category 2: new challenges to face and opportunities to take over the next 50 years (future) on the other hand

Presentations, representing around 165 speakers, will be delivered during the 25 parallel sessions to be held on 7 and 8 July.

The schedule for paper submission is:

  • No later than 31 January 2015: reception of proposals with abstract (one page maximum), a short biography (20 lines maximum) and a photo (passport size).
  • No later than 30 April 2015: the Scientific Committee will inform each applicant of its decision by email, stating whether they have been selected, not selected or put on a waiting list.
  • No later than 1 June 2015: full presentations (corresponding to a selected abstract) will be handed in. Non compliance with this deadline will entitle the Scientific Committee to reject the presentation.

UIC and JR East will create a pre-selection jury team, in order to analyse proposed abstracts and decide on the final list of speakers. Decisions on the title and content of parallel sessions will be decided during the January meetings, in order to be published in the second congress brochure.