Signalling is an essential cornerstone of the railway system

Foreword by Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General

Following the long successful history of ERTMS Conferences (Brussels February-March 2016, Istanbul April 2014, Stockholm March 2012, Malaga March-April 2009…), the International Union of Railways (UIC), in close cooperation with Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (FS Group), is organising the 1st UIC Global Conference on Signalling in Milan, Italy, from 25 – 28 March 2018.

Signalling is the heart of the railway system and ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) has become de facto a world reference in the area of train signalling systems. The UIC conference programme will give pride of place to “The Evolution of ERTMS”. Other systems are also very actively developed in the world: PTC (USA), ATACS (Japan), KLUB (Russia) among the most important ones.
The conference will give a general overview of them too and it will be a worldwide forum for stakeholders, professionals, local authorities, research institutes and every person interested in understanding the current trends of modern railway signalling and how the ERTMS system and its competitors are evolving in the world.
Different ecosystems, different legal constraints and/or norms have to be respected around the world; yet very common targets characterise the different countrywide rail systems: safety ,customer care, cost effectiveness, driving effectiveness, environmental protection, protection of investments and others.

In order to properly tackle all these aspects and their perspectives, the return of field experience of past ERTMS and other main CCS installations worldwide, the different rail environments, and the possibilities for funding new CCS projects, will be duly addressed in the first three sessions of this 1st UIC Global Conference on Signalling.
Mixing safety with driving effectiveness and cost saving is the crucial challenge of integrating ATO/ATS (Automated Train Operation/Supervision) in Signalling Systems, typically designed to strictly respect safety requirements only. This will be the topic of Session 4.

“Safety first” and cost effectiveness with protection of investments of signalling solutions bring common trends of innovation that are recognisable worldwide: the use of time-continuous information channels and radio link for transmission of safety data; the migration from GSMR to FRMCS (Future Radio Mobile Communication System) as a universal and independent bearer, the cut between evolution of radio support and CCS (Control Command and Signalling) core systems, the removal of track based train detection systems and the integration of satellite based geo-localisation of trains and, last but not least, looking towards satellites for transmission of data too, as the very last enabler for a real very large scale installation of modern CCS systems worldwide, including regional areas. Sessions 5 and 6 will duly cover these fundamental aspects in every detail.

Centralised remote radio control of trains and infrastructures as well as exchange of safety relevant data on large, open networks (also public networks sometimes) are key for an effective deployment of modern CCS systems, but security becomes an important issue that must be taken into consideration, from the first stage of the design. The conference will duly address this topic in Session 7.
So these two days in Milan for this Global Conference on Signalling will be of most interest and importance to open, share and connect practice, experience and vision of all stakeholders in this common field of Signalling and Telecoms for the railway sector.

For more information on the conference programme please visit the dedicated website:

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UIC Signalling Factsheet: the topic in a nutshell

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Organisation: Working Groups and Projects of the UIC Rail System Department

The Control, Command and Signalling (CCS) and Telecoms sector is an important component of the UIC Rail System Department.

Signalling in the broad sense constitutes the core of the railway system. This is subdivided into two main parts:

- One is Control, Command and Signalling, which covers standard signalling, ERTMS and its developments
- The other is Telecoms, which covers GSM-R and all the work on FRMCS specifications, in collaboration with 3GPP, ETSI, etc.

The areas of Operations and Asset Management are addressed within an adjacent sector, which covers the optimisation of railway operations and operating conditions of maintenance services.

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Events: 1st UIC Global Signalling Conference to be held from 26-28 March 2018 in Milan!

Final programme can be consulted here:

Welcome to Milan!

Following the long successful history of ERTMS Conferences (Brussels February-March 2016, Istanbul April 2014, Stockholm March 2012, Malaga March-April 2009…), the International Union of Railways (UIC), in close cooperation with Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (FS Group), is organising the 1st UIC Global Conference on Signalling, focusing on “The Evolution of ERTMS” in Milan, from 25 – 28 March 2018.
This will be a worldwide forum for stakeholders, professionals, local authorities, research institutes and anyone interested in understanding the current trends of modern railway signalling and how the ERTMS system is evolving in the world.

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Schedule of the conference:

Sunday 25 March: 18:00 Drinks reception at Milan MiCo Convention Centre
Monday 26 to Tuesday 27th March included: Programme sessions
Monday 26 March: Gala dinner
Wednesday 28 March: Technical visits

The welcome and the opening sessions will be delivered by high-level keynote speakers:

  • Welcome introduction Mr Jean-Pierre LOUBINOUX - Director General, UIC
  • Welcome by Mr Renato MAZZONCINI - Chairman UIC and CEO
  • FS Welcome by Mr Giuseppe SALA - Mayor of Milan
  • The political and technical authorities will address the participants and provide their vision on the main key drivers for the next development of ERTMS across the world

Keynote speeches by:

  • Mr Renato Mazzoncini - President of UIC and CEO of FS Group
  • Mr Karel Vinck - EU Coordinator for ERTMS overall program
  • Mr Josef Doppelbauer - ERA Executive Director
  • Mr Philippe Citroën - UNIFE Director General
  • Mr Libor Lochman - CER Executive Director
  • Mr Massimiliano Salini - Member of European Parliament

For further information please contact:

Dr Marc Antoni, Director of UIC Rail System Dept.: General Supervisor,

Mr Piero Petruccioli, Coordinator of the UIC CCS & TLC sector Sector: program, technical content, technical visits,

Mrs Barbara Mouchel, General Coordinator of the event: overall organisation,

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Focus on four publications which address the topic of signalling

Leaflet 736 – “Signalling Relays”
Last Ed. n.4, year 2004, in revision since 2008. Status Changed from R-Recommendatory to I-Informative.
Justification/Comments: Many IXL safety cases depend on UIC 736. Therefore 736 should be available into the medium future in order to avoid endless discussions with safety assessors & DeBo. UIC 736 should refer to EN 50578 & IEC 62912. (Recommendation adopted by Signalling Expert Group in 2015).

Leaflet 737-2 – “Measures to be taken to improve track circuit shunting sensitivity”
Last Ed. n.3, year 2004, Status I-Information (no change).
Comments: The leaflet is still important and valuable, still valid for most parts. Some upgrading is necessary (only relevant part sshall be left as contents of the leaflet). The Leaflet 737-2 will be reworked and transformed into an International Railway Solution (IRS), as the outcome of the activity on the POC (Proof Of Concept) “Track Circuit Shunting Booster” – in the frame of UIC project P-583.

Technical Report, “Use of Signalling Relays”
Also available in French and German versions (“Utilisation des relais de signalisation“; “Einsatz von Signalrelais” ).

New International Railway Solution (IRS) now being developed on “Using the Artificial Intelligence for remote monitoring of signalling assets” – in the frame of UIC project P-591.

To consult the full range of UIC Leaflets, please visit this link:

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Today we are putting the spotlight on FS Italiane, member of the UIC Europe Region

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UIC Terminology: Word of the Week

Application Level 2

Operating relationship between track and train where ETCS uses GSM-R to pass movement authorities to the train whilst relying on conventional means to determine train location.

FR: Niveau 2 d’application

DE: Anwendungsstufe 2

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