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23rd meeting of the Regional Assembly for Middle-East Railways (RAME) held on 6 July 2019 in Aqaba City, Jordan

The 23rd Meeting of the Regional Assembly for Middle-East Railways (RAME) was held on 6 July 2019 in Aqaba City, courtesy of Aqaba Railway Corporation (ARC). The UIC RAME meetings are organised biannually in relation to the UIC General Assembly meetings with the presence of the top management of the railways members to discuss and decide on the activities of the region, reviewing and approving the previous programmes, presenting the report of the CEOs and Directors General of RAME, keeping up to date with regard to UIC HQ reports and activities, and being involved in them.

This time the 23rd RAME meeting was opened by Mr Yaser Krishan, Director General of ARC. He extended his gratitude to the esteemed participants, especially to the newly confirmed RAME chairmen: Mr Ali Ihsan Uygun (TCDD), Mr Saeed Rasouli (RAI), as well to Mr François Davenne, UIC Director General and Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Honorary Director General for their contribution and support and to Mr Abbas Nazari, Director of the UIC Middle-East Region Office (based in Tehran) for the excellent preparation of the meeting. He also wished the 23rd RAME meeting a fruitful outcome.

In addition to Mr Krishan, Mr Uygun thanked ARC for their efforts in organising this important regional meeting and their great hospitality. TCDD is willing to cooperate with the region to get more railway traffic flow on international corridors. Despite the great investment in infrastructure and rolling stock there is the need for continuous and closer cooperation with several international organisations such as UIC for its technical expertise and to get legal and financial support from OTIF, ECO, OSJD, UNESCAP, WB, etc. Mr Rasouli, in thanking ARC and UIC, underlined that only coherent strategies for the development of international railway connections within the region can contribute to the future increase of cargo and passenger volumes on rail. He relies on the update of the ME Region strategy and a vision of elaboration based on the UIC Global Vision for Railway Development endorsed by the last UIC General Assembly. In addition, he recalled that from 11 – 13 November 2019, Iranian Railways, RAI, together with UIC, will be hosting the 7th edition of the UIC nextstation Conference in Tehran.

Mr François Davenne thanked Mr Yaser Krishan for the organisation of the 23rd RAME meeting. As a newly nominated UIC Director General he will put special focus on the region. UIC has recently being working on the migration of its leaflets into International Railway Solutions (IRS). These technical standards will help in the areas of railway interoperability and technical progress. UIC will bring more recent developments, providing expertise for making the best choices. UIC has recently being working on promising key projects such as FRMCS, the future telecommunications system which will replace older solutions helping new investments and data security, DIGIM II – digital solutions for safety on rail-road level crossings, asset management – to ease and optimise the management of assets, the block chain pilot project to improve information exchange within the logistic chains on rail freight corridors, etc. He encouraged RAME members to explore new edited documents such as the UIC Activity Report and UIC Staff Booklet where you may find comprehensive information on recent UIC work and associated staff within our projects.

Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, after 11 years as UIC Director General, expressed his deep gratitude to the members for their trust and support. He extended his thanks to Mr Krishan for organising the meeting in Jordan and Mr Nazari for his help in preparing the 23rd RAME meeting. He said that his mandate went to the end, but he ensured the continuity of UIC governance, financial standing assisting François Davenne – nominated by the General Assembly in Budapest as UIC Director General – to take the transition period as smoothly possible. Today as UIC Honorary Director General he summarised his experience and sentiments of the 22 RAME meetings in which he participated. He also extended his gratitude to Mr Paul Véron, former Coordinator of the Region and Mr Abbas Nazari and his team at the UIC Office in Tehran for their help with the organisation of all these meetings.

He underlined that future cooperation within the region should be based on better interoperability in operations and win-win business framework. The questions of a knowledge transfer, training programmes & education are big challenges faced by almost everywhere. So a very important role is expected on behalf of MERTCe, the UIC Regional Training Centre in Ankara. He also thanked TCDD for their support. Cooperation between UIC Regions, as already begun with Asian-Pacific and European regions, will provide another opportunity to open, share and connect. He recalled the UIC support given recently to our Syrian members to testify its solidarity and unity. Finally, he thanked all the RAME members and staff involved for the great opportunity to cooperate.

The report on UIC’s RAME activities and the UIC Regional Office in the first half of 2019 was presented by Mr Abbas Nazari: the updated draft to the final document on “Border Crossing Practices in Railway Transport in the Middle East” was delivered and the DVDs of 22nd UIC RAME meeting were distributed to members. The 2019 UIC RAME Directory and regular update of the UIC Middle East website (in English, Persian, & Arabic) is being prepared.

The Global Vision for Railway Development II” (updated version in June 2019), was presented by Mr Jerzy Wisniewski, UIC Coordinator for the Middle-East. The comprehensive vision of the railway development connected to the global mobility chain proposes several solutions for transport customers, operators and industries to consider new opportunities challenges and threats. The GVRD II was endorsed by the General Assembly in Budapest. The document will also be presented at the forthcoming World Congress for Railway Research on 28 October in Tokyo.

Following this was a discussion and approval of the research on “Realisation of the Strategic Action Plan for the Middle East (2018-2020) and 2040 Vision, by M.E. Regional Office and the RAME members were informed about the projects and achievements of UIC RAME Members by RAME Railway Directors General and Presidents.

Mr Thierry Bera, UIC Finance Director, presented the report on the RAME budget & financial issues. He underlined that the 2018 budget went well, it was a positive result noted since 2017. For 2019 and the following year the same level of fees and budget are foreseen. The activities by the Tehran Office and Mertce have been enriched by additional funds, as requested by members, to develop more training programmes and seminars, without any fee increase. He also appealed to the RAME members to ensure that their fee payments were made on time.

The next 24th RAME meeting is scheduled to be held just before the next UIC General Assembly in Paris (date to be confirmed).

For further information please contact Jerzy Wisniewski, UIC Coordinator for the Middle-East Region:

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UIC takes part in ERA/OSJD Contact Group from 14 – 16 May 2019 in Warsaw

The 51st meeting of the ERA-OSJD Contact Group on analysis of EU & non-EU interlinked rail systems was held from 14 – 16 May 2019 in Warsaw.

The meeting was attended by representatives from OSJD Member States: Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvian Republic, Moldova, Republic of Poland, Russian Federation, Ukraine as well as representatives of OJSD Committee, ERA, DG MOVE, UIC and CIS CRT.

ERA-OSJD analysis on interlinked rail systems

ERA & OSJD & UIC experts attended the ERA/OSJD Contact group meeting.

On behalf of Mr Francois Davenne, UIC Director General, the UIC delegation expressed its commitment to the strategical visions of the organisations to be shared and coordinated within both frameworks of high-level Technical Regulations – EU (Directives & TSIs) and EEU (Regulations & GOSTs) – where UIC expertise & contribution linked to UIC Leaflets & IRS are required.

The meeting adopted the agenda and discussed the following items:

  1. Finalisation of analysis of the parameters of the subsystem “Telematic applications for passenger service (TAP)”
  2. Analysis of the parameters of the subsystem “Telematic applications for freight service (TAF)”
  3. Analysis of the parameters of the subsystem “Noise”
  4. Starting of analysis of the subsystem “Energy supply”
  5. Exchange on practical experience and coordination of provisions for the existing technical and operational compatibility on EU/non-EU boarder to be saved and improved

During discussions UIC Leaflets or/and ERA Technical Documents (developed and based on UIC Leaflets) were addressed and referenced within the analyses above.

The next ERA-OSJD meeting is scheduled to be held from 17 – 19 September in Lille.

For further information please contact Mr Vytautas Kinderis, UIC Coordinator for Standardisation and East-West Relations:

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ECCO (Efficient Cross Corridor Organisation) in Brussels


On 3 – 4 July, ECCO represented the Freight RUs at the 15th SERAC Working Group on Rail Freight Corridors, organised by the European Commission. Also present were representatives from the Rail Freight Corridor network and ministries. RUs presented the audience with what they are doing to improve the railway system to reach their ambitious goal of 30% market share by 2030. They highlighted the areas where they would like to cooperate with IMs, the Commission and national ministries to help them improve infrastructure and achieve a level playing field and harmonised regulation. The dialogue was constructive and fruitful. It was also a prelude to the start of the revision of Regulation (EU) No 913/2010.

3rd PRIME-RU Dialogue

The 3rd PRIME-RU Dialogue joint meeting on International Contingency Management (ICM) was held in Brussels on 17 June 2019.

UIC together with ERFA presented the progress made by the ECCO group for the RU ICM Handbook. The RU Handbook includes a checklist of the tasks to be performed in the event of a disruption. The work already achieved was well received by both Infrastructure Managers and the European Commission. Even if some topics still need to be addressed, the achievement of the Rail User sector speaking with one voice is a sign of an already fruitful cooperation and of more to come. The handbook will be published by the end of 2019 at the latest.

ECCO: the Working Group for Efficient Cross Corridor Organisation, is composed of representatives from Freight Railway Undertakings, to ensure coordination between RUs and the Rail Freight Corridors that cover Europe.

For further information please contact Joost Overdijkink, Senior Freight Advisor:

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Promoting Products & Services

The 2018 UIC Activity Report has just been released

UIC has just published its activity report. In this report, you will find a comprehensive account of UIC’s activities in 2018 and key information on our organisation.

This activity report, together with other UIC publications, will help you to understand and evaluate the interplay between our strategic plans and their practical implementation, supported by working budgets and associated projects both at regional and global level.

During this period of transition, the aim of the report is to provide clarity in relation to UIC’s work as a whole and to serve as a basis for the future development of all UIC activities for the benefit of the international railway community.

You can consult the report here:

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5th WCRT edition “Unite, Inspire, Connect” to be held from 9 – 11 October 2019 in Rabat, Morocco

Register now!

UIC, together with its partners ONCF, IFF (Institut de Formation Ferroviaire), EMI (Ecole Mohammadia d’Ingénieurs), SNCF and FS have the pleasure to inform you that the 5th edition of the World Congress on Rail Training “Unite, Inspire, connect” will take place from 9 – 11 October2019 in Rabat, Morocco.

Based on previous editions, WCRT 2019 is targeting around 200 participants from all over the world.

With an average of 40 speakers from 20 countries, WCRT2019 is a unique occasion for education, training and HR professionals to learn and exchange:

  • Around best practice in education, training and human resources development
  • New and innovative technologies, systems and methods to promote effective learning

As well as:

  • Expand and reinforce international networking within training and development professionals and organisations
  • Enhance cooperation with rail educational & vocational institutions, in order to showcase the different initiatives towards youth
  • Help training and development professionals design and implement training and development programmes that contribute to increase organisational effectiveness

WCRT2019 will cover a wide spectrum of topics, including the transfer of knowledge, research & development, human factors, attraction & retention of new generation, innovation, digitalisation, development of competences, cooperation between academia and industry, challenging mindsets, internationalisation, safety & security.
NEW! WCRT 2019 is supporting talent attraction & retention through a new partnership option.
An excellent occasion to promote and give recognition to your young talented colleagues!

All information available at:

Wish to become partner or sponsor? Email

For further information please contact Nathalie Amirault, Head of the Expertise Development Unit:

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TrainRail official launch will take place in the frame of WCRT 2019 from 9 – 11 October 2019 in Rabat, Morocco

TrainRail is a worldwide effort to offer all railway stakeholders a ‘one-stop-shop’ for education, training and learning resources, as well as pool expertise and resources of rail academia, corporate training centres and rail associations at worldwide level.

The main objectives of TrainRail include reducing the gap between education offers and employer’s needs as well as to support and boost, at international level, initiatives towards youth to raise the attractiveness of rail jobs & professions.

Among the range of activities that TrainRail can provide industry are:

  • Resources made available at global level to promote rail learning worldwide: mapping the existing rail education & training institutions and their offers
  • Draft appropriate learning schemes and tools for future competences and skills
  • Development of global courses and setting of quality recognition criteria of rail training and education
  • A world rail skills promotion
  • Young rail professionals and talents attraction, promotion of worldwide youth transport contest

The official launch will take place in the frame of WCRT 2019 from 9 – 11 October 2019 in Rabat (

Want to express your interest? Go to:

Want to register your training or educational organisation? Go to:

For further information (draft regulations, short presentations), please contact Nathalie Amirault, Head of the Expertise Development Unit:

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News from UIC members

United States: Federal Railroad Administration announces more than $326 million in grants to support railroad infrastructure

On 12 June the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) announced the recipients of more than $326 million in grant funds under the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) Program and the Special Transportation Circumstances Program, for a wide variety of state and local railroad infrastructure projects. The grants will fund 45 projects in 29 states.

“These investments in intercity passenger and freight rail will benefit surrounding communities, make grade crossings safer and improve service reliability,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao.

The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act authorized the CRISI Program, which funds a wide range of projects that improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of intercity passenger and freight rail systems. Over one-third of the funds — more than $118 million — were awarded to rural projects.

“These are the partnerships that help rural and urban communities thrive economically,” said FRA Administrator Ronald Batory. “The participation of multiple partners demonstrates the importance of these funds and tells us they will be a key asset in improving safety for communities and railroads around the country.”

As part of the $326 million announced today, FRA is announcing more than $2 million in Special Transportation Circumstances grant funds to the state of Alaska. These are also authorized by the FAST Act.

(Source: US DoT)

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News from UIC members

United Kingdom: The Board of Eurostar appoints Mrs Dominique Reiniche as its new Chair

On 28 June, the Board of Eurostar, the high-speed rail passenger service between the UK and mainland Europe, announced the appointment of Dominique Reiniche as its new Chair. Dominique will succeed Clare Hollingsworth who has been Chairman of Eurostar for six years following three years as a non executive director.

The Board would like to thank Clare for her leadership, wise counsel and commitment to Eurostar over the last nine years. During this time, the company has gone from strength to strength, introducing a new fleet of high speed trains and expanding to new destinations. Clare’s guidance and support has been instrumental to its success during this period and the Board extends its very best wishes to her for the future.

As the new Chair of Eurostar, Dominique Reiniche will bring a wealth of international experience and board expertise having been successively CEO of the Europe Group of The Coca Cola Company and of Coca Cola Enterprises and non executive director on a number of boards for international listed companies. She is Chair of Chr. Hansen, the global bio sciences company, and is non executive director of Mondi, Paypal and Severn Trent.

With her track record of high profile, consumer-facing brands which also include those of Procter and Gamble where she started her career and of Kraft Jacobs Suchard where she was Director of Marketing and Strategy, Dominique brings international consumer insight as well as strong strategic, senior leadership and board governance experience.

Rachel Picard, on behalf of the shareholders of Eurostar, SNCF Mobilités, Patina, a consortium of Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (“CDPQ”) and Hermes Infrastructure, and NMBS/SNCB, said:
“On behalf of the shareholders, I would like to thank Clare for her considerable contribution to Eurostar and to welcome Dominique as our new Chair. With her breadth of board experience and her international credentials, Dominique is very well placed to lead the Eurostar Board through the next phase of the company’s growth.”

Mike Cooper, CEO, Eurostar, said:
“I am delighted at the prospect of working with such an experienced, high calibre individual as Dominique. With her broad European outlook and deep experience of customer-facing businesses, Dominique will provide valuable insight and will complement perfectly the Eurostar culture.”

Dominique Reiniche said:
“I am very pleased to be taking on the role of Chair of Eurostar and to being part of this exciting, iconic business. Over the last 25 years, Eurostar has transformed short-haul travel between the UK and mainland Europe and I look forward to supporting the team in driving the future growth of the company.”

The appointment of Dominique as Chair will take effect from 1 July 2019.

(Source: Eurostar)

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News from UIC members

China: Leshan-Yibin Section of Chengdu-Guiyang Railway opened to traffic

The Leshan-Yibin section of the Chengdu-Guiyang Railway officially opened to traffic on 15 June 2019. This is the first HSR built in a mountainous area according to the Guide to the Construction of Green Railway Corridors.

The Leshan-Yibin section starts from Leshan City of Sichuan Province, passes through Qianwei and Pinshan, and arrives at Yibin West Station.

It totals 141km and has a design speed of 250km/h. The Chengdu-Guiyang Railway starts from the Sichuan Basin, and runs southeast through the Wumeng Mountain Area. This railway is of great significance for poverty alleviation and economic growth in the area.

The Chengdu-Guiyang Railway is an important part of the Lanzhou-Guangzhou Corridor. It connects Xi’an-Chengdu HSR at Chengdu and links Guiyang-Guangzhou HSR and Shanghai-Kunming HSR at Guiyang.

(Source: CR)

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  • 10 December 2019 European Management committee Paris
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  • 21-23 January 2020 TEG Plenary Meeting Brussels, Belgium
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  • 22-23 January 2020 PoSE Meeting Brussels, Belgium
  • 23 January 2020 SHERPA Workshop 5 on "Use of digital media for raising awareness" Berlin, Germany
  • 29 January 2020 Information Day – M2 – Experts, Drafters, WG Leaders, SPoCS Paris UIC HQ
  • 11 February 2020 UIC Asia-Pacific Preparatory Meeting (Web Conference) UIC HQ, Paris
  • 19-21 February 2020 9th International Railway Summit Warsaw, Poland
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  • 10 March 2020 Rail System Forum Steering Board UIC HQ
  • 24 March 2020 European Management committee Paris
  • 25 March 2020 Safety Platform Steering Group meeting UIC HQ PARIS
  • 25-27 March 2020 SHERPA : 3-day International training for operational staff Rome, Italy
  • 1-3 April 2020 International Rail Forum & Conference (IRFC) Prague, Czech Republic
  • 6-11 April 2020 UIC Asia--Pacific Training Session 2020 on Railway Passenger Service based on IT Technology Seoul, Korea
  • 9 April 2020 Rail System Forum Plenary UIC HQ
  • 22 April 2020 SAFER-LC Final conference Paris, UIC HQ
  • 23-24 April 2020 Talent and Expertise Development Platform Valencia, Spain
  • 13 May 2020 29th UIC Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly Perth, Australia
  • 14-16 May 2020 UIC Asia-Pacific Conference on Digital Perth, Australia
  • 19-21 May 2020 Statistics Steering Committee Meeting DB AG, Berlin
  • 19 May 2020 European Management committee Assistants
  • 19 May 2020 European Group of Assistants Paris (UIC)
  • 20 May 2020 Preparatory Group 96th General Assembly Paris (UIC)
  • 27-29 May 2020 International Transport Forum (ITF) Leipzig, Germany
  • 2-5 June 2020 6th UIC Security Week Paris, UIC HQ
  • 2-4 June 2020 Global Rail Freight Conference (GRFC) Riga
  • 11 June 2020 ILCAD York National Railway Museum
  • 16 June 2020 EMC & 30th European Regional Assembly Paris (UIC)
  • 24-27 June 2020 7th International Rail Human Factors conference London
  • 25-26 June 2020 Safety Platform Steering Group meeting DB AG BERLIN
  • 29 June 2020 Executive Board Beijing
  • 29 June 2020 96th General Assembly Beijing
  • 30 June 2020 - 4 July 2020 World Congress on Highspeed Rail Beijing
  • 9-10 July 2020 Global Passenger Forum Moscow
  • 2 September 2020 European Management committee Assistants Paris (UIC)
  • 21 September 2020 European Management committee Berlin
  • 29 September 2020 Rail System Forum Steering Board UIC HQ
  • 30 September 2020 Standardisation Conference Paris UIC HQ
  • 7 October 2020 30th UIC Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan
  • 22 October 2020 Rail System Forum Plenary UIC HQ
  • 22-23 October 2020 TEDP Athens
  • 12 November 2020 European Management committee Assistants Paris (UIC)
  • 12 November 2020 European Group of Assistants Paris (UIC)
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  • 16 November 2020 Safety Platform Steering Group meeting UIC HQ PARIS
  • 17 November 2020 Safety Platform Plenary meeting UIC HQ PARIS
  • 24-25 November 2020 RSF Steering Board WEBCONFERENCE
  • 24-26 November 2020 Statistics Steering Committee Meeting UIC HQ, Paris
  • 25-28 November 2020 16th UIC Global Security Congress Vienna, Austria
  • 26-27 November 2020 Statistics Plenary Meeting UIC HQ, Paris
  • 15 December 2020 European Management committee Rome
  • 16 December 2020 31st European Regional Assembly Rome
  • 16 December 2020 Executive Board Rome
  • 16 December 2020 97th General Assembly Rome

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