Loading Guidelines

Verladerichtlinien / Règles de Chargement

Loading Guidelines

Verladerichtlinien / Règles de Chargement (updated April 1, 2022)

Safety of loading in freight transportation is a shared concern by all actors in the rail logistics supply chain: RUs, carriers, consigners/shippers.
The UIC Code of practice for the loading and securing of goods on railway wagons is a reference for a safe loading; the volume 1 (Principles) contains the mandatory requirements to be observed for the safe loading and securing of goods and the volume 2 (Goods), loading guidelines for specific types of goods, developed in compliance with the Principles set out in volume 1 on the basis of tests in practice.

Loading Guidelines-Volume 1

- PDF - 10.2 Mb

Règles de Chargement-Tome 1

- PDF - 10.2 Mb

Verladerichtlinien-Band 1

- PDF - 9.3 Mb

Loading Guidelines-Volume 2

- PDF - 19.1 Mb

Règles de chargement-Tome 2

- PDF - 26.8 Mb

Verladerichtlinien-Band 2

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also available on the ETF website.


Line categories / Catégories de lignes / Streckenklassen
The file, which was no longer up to date, was transferred to the UIC Freight Extranet in accordance with the decision taken by the Loading Guidelines Group at the October 2023 plenary meeting

Loading examples (currently under construction)

Verladebeispiele (derzeit überarbeitet) / Exemples de chargement (actuellement en cours de refonte)

The publish colour-coded loading examples cover other types of loading or wagons fitted with special securing devices. Blue and rosa are listed in the following table, are available according to conditions mentionned in the current version of Loading Guidelines:

Übersichtstabelletableau récapitulatifOverview table
in arbeit en travaux work in progress
Stand 01.04.2023 Etat : 01/04/2023 Status 01/04/2023
Blue and rosa loading examples-2023

- Excel - 71 kb

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