PASSAGE internship

The International union of railways (UIC) manages a working group on accessibility within the railways called “PASSAGE”. PASSAGE supports all railway players involved in the accessibility of passengers and PRM solutions in the face of revised European regulations and new scenarios.

Since 2010, representatives from most of the major railway undertakings in Europe have met regularly as part of this working group to discuss issues of accessibility and PRM policies. This group began its work at a time when there were a number of legal changes in Europe regarding PRM policies, together with growing social pressure around the subject. In addition, it was clear from the start that good PRM policies would lead to improved railway capacity, which would in turn lead to increased passenger numbers.

The group’s activity focuses on:

  • Benchmarking and evaluation of existing services
  • Sharing good practices
  • Group discussions and open fora on the implementation and deliverables of strategies to comply with market scenarios

Duties and responsibilities

The intern will undertake the following tasks:

  • Acquire detailed knowledge of the challenges of accessibility within the railway sector
  • Monitor any changes to European legislation in the field of accessibility
  • Assist the project manager with the organisation of the international PASSAGE working group (sharing good practices between different international players)
  • Help the senior advisor to implement UIC standards

Skills required

  • Excellent command of English is mandatory (another foreign language would be an asset)
  • Knowledge of European regulations
  • Awareness of the accessibility challenges facing persons with reduced mobility and disabled people
  • Good interpersonal skills, ability to work well in a team
  • Willingness to understand and learn more about the various subjects involved
  • Good organisational skills

Job description

Supervisor: Vanessa Perez

Duration: 6 months, from October 2022


Please send your application to:

  • Vanessa Perez

    Senior Advisor Passenger Department

  • Laurence Simon

    UIC Head of Human Resources

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Thursday 9 June 2022