Training sessions on high-speed systems

Since 2004 UIC has successfully organised the annual UIC Training Session on High-Speed Systems (THSS) which has been attended by more than 300 students to date.

The program includes high level contents due to the important contribution of eminent speakers from around the world, and thanks to exchanges made during the session’s discussions and networking.

This training, divided in two levels, offer the students an insight into the technical, commercial and management aspects of high-speed rail systems.

THSS Level I consists of a series of theoretical sessions and a technical visit to integrate.
The aim of THSS Level II is to go more in-depth on the discussion with the help of a specific software tool especially designed to simulate the implementation of a high speed line from A to B.


  • Provide an accurate and comprehensive overview of the high-speed system;
  • Provide managers with all the information needed to facilitate decision making on the subject of high-speed rail;
  • Foster exchanges of experience and information about the latest developments in the field.


Managers, strategy experts, decision makers, economists and new staff members


  • The seminar is targeted at persons interested in acquiring a comprehensive overview of the high-speed system;
  • Attendance at ALL sessions is therefore mandatory;
  • Seminar participants need not to have in-depth knowledge of any specific subject relating to high-speed systems;
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