ECCO Phase 2

Project information

  • ECCO Phase 2
  • Project director: Hans Gunther Kersten
  • Project manager: Sandra Gehenot
  • Status: completed project
  • Project code: 2016/FRE/505

Project description

6 of the 9 Rail Freight Corridors (RFC) were implemented at the end of 2013 and 3 additional ones will be implemented at the end of 2015 as per EU Regulation 913/2010. With this Regulation, the EU aims to give rail freight a last chance for it to become a competitive and sustainalbe transport mode. However, in devising the rules for setting up the corridors, the need for harmonisation and coordination, yet essential for improved productivity, were somewhat overlooked.
Although the ECCO project has broken some grounds and flagged up the need for a harmonised and cross corridor perspective in order for rail freight to be competitive, the process is still in its early days. At the moment a cross corridor dialogue between RFCs and RUs has begun at the initiative of ECCO. It is however not mature enough to stand on its own and needs further support. ECCO phase 2 is proposing the required support and coordination.

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Friday 1 January 2016