RailTopoModel for Geographic Information Systems

Start: 2018-01-1

End: 2019-12-31

Project code: 2018/RSF/590

Project director: Christian CHAVANEL

Project manager: Airy MAGNIEN

RailTopoModel (IRS30100:2016) laid the foundation for multi-purpose representation of railway infrastructure. RailTopoModel has been designed (UIC project P000199) with substantial contributions from UIC members (SNCF, Infrabel, JBV, ÖBB, DB, etc.) and others (railML.org community).
RailTopoModel’s initial focus was on topology, i.e. the logical relationships between infrastructure elements, documenting “what is connected to what else”.
Railway infrastructure and wayside equipment however are spread out all over the landscape.
Now it is time to focus on graphical representation (geometry, 2D and 3D) and spatial queries, such as linking rail objects together via their location. This would allow another handling of the different rail domains in a commonly understood way. Networks (tracks or lines) may be associated with wayside equipment, by inspecting their geographic coordinates.
Geographic representations is indeed one important way of dealing with infrastructure, complementing alphanumeric representations (delivered by RailTopoModel and/or railML) and schematic representations (under development, P000199).

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Wednesday 30 September 2020


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