SATLOC+ (follow up of SATLOC) system safety demonstration on the basis of the formal functional mode

Start: 2017-01-1

End: 2018-12-31

Project code: 2017/RSF/543

Project director: Christian CHAVANEL

Project manager: Sophie SERODON

Equipping regional lines with ERTMS at low cost is a big challenge for many European countries. The formalization of the ETCS Functional Specification (SRS, Subset026, etc.) using semantically and syntactically strong language facilitates immediate verification. Delivery of an ETCS System Demonstrator for ETCS reference OBU on common PC Hardware to demonstrate and prove the CR´s introduced by the rail sector to the ERA.

How to equip a line with an ETCS3 satellite-based solution for an investment reduction of one half of the normal investment cost and a reduction of more than one half of the maintenance cost (possible to be made in-house)

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