Station Managers Global Group

Start: 2015-01-1


Project code: 2015/PAS/429

Project director: Marc GUIGON

Project manager: Marc GUIGON

The Station Managers Global Group (SMGG) aims to exchange best practices between actors and experts all around the world, to organise events, to launch studies, to standardize interoperability subjects… It is an incubator for new projects related to stations.

The stations managers have organised regular meetings in order to exchange best practices.
The subjects discussed are:

  • Presentation and benchmarking of each organisation of station management
  • Drafting a UIC standard concerning the Classification of stations (leaflet 180)
  • Organisation of the global Nextstation (Moscow – October 2013)
  • Submission of a proposal in the Framework of European call for tender Horizon 2020 on Innovative stations (INSPIRE)

The Members of the Group have stated that there is not enough knowledge about best practices in Station in other Régions of the world and have proposed that the group should facilitate a global Station Observatory.

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