ERTMS Implementation

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The ETCS Implementation

After the necessary phases of studies and system specifications, ETCS has grown from test tracks to commercial projects.
Today, the roll-out of the system has begun on both high-speed and conventional lines with mixed operation; and full revenue service has successfully begun on several lines.

As required by the first Interoperability Directive and the corresponding TSI CCS, all new high speed lines for in Europe have been equipped with ETCS, as shown on the following map. Today, in Europe (including Switzerland) over than 2700 km of lines are equipped with ETCS and in commercial service. Moreover, there is a medium term objective for a high speed network in certain railway administrations such as ADIF or RFI; in the long term, some countries such as Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark are willing to implement ERTMS nation-wide.

Regarding rolling stock, more than 1000 units are in commercial operation on the ETCS network with a large amount of retrofitted rolling stock.

The roll-out of ETCS is no more limited to European continent and several commercial projects are in progress worldwide like in South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, but also in Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Libya.

The GSM-R implementation

2007 was an important year for GSM-R: beginning 2007 Europe has seen the first railway administration completely migrated to GSM-R – Netherlands (3000 km) 1st of January 2007, the old analogue radio network, TELERAIL, has been switched off.

4 more administrations have been migrated end 2007 or will be migrated beginning 2008: Norway (3000 km), Sweden (8500 km), and other 2 first step migrated: Germany (24000 km) and Italy (7500 km).

Meanwhile, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland and UK are in full implementation stage. Czech Republic has awarded the first project following the pilot, in June, and intends to finalize the construction phase end 2009. Denmark has awarded the radio planning, it is in progress. Bulgaria has awarded the 50 km ETMS pilot, with GSM-R component Hungary is in tendering process; Croatia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia are preparing for tender.

In Europe, from total railway network taken into account, which means 221.025 km, 149,673 is foreseen to be covered with GSM-R (according the presented table). That means 67, 7 %

Taking as reference 1st of September 2007, we have 60.507 km of network with GSM-R infrastructure constructed, from which 40.918 is in operation. That means that 27% of the network planned to be covered with GSM-R is in operation.

End 2007 we have, as mentioned 5 administrations migrated; which means 47700 km. We expect 50% of the GSM-R planned network in Europe to be in operation end 2011.

For the mobile users part, from the 384.700 users planned so far (for all European projects), we have 114.876 activated, which means almost 30 % From this ones, 17.287 are activated cab Radios.

Countries/regions implementing ERTMS throughout the world

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Thursday 27 August 2015