RailAdapt Report Adapting the railway for the future

RailAdapt is a UIC initiative aimed at keeping UIC Members informed and prepared, in support of national Adaptation Plans, UN agreements and EU encouragement to reduce risks and costs whilst improving railways’ resilience in the face of Climate Change. Indeed building resilience in transport has been given a boost since the United Nations climate negotiations in Paris (COP 21) and Marrakech (COP 22), where all of the world governments agreed to develop adaptation plans. Railways will play no small part in this.

In 2017 UIC supported its members by arranging a series of fact-finding and briefing workshops. Members and other key stakeholders were invited to share experience and outline what support railways have and will need from governments and investors to help make the case and secure funding for improving the resilience of rail services.

You can download the Rail Adapt final report here

You can download the Summary for executive here

See the findings of the Workshop held in London

See the findings of the Workshop held in Beijing