The ATTI SG is a UIC special group within the Freight Forum. It is made up of RUs, some of which are UIC members and some of which are not. It works on an independent basis, with only the General Assembly determining its remit.The ATTI SG sets the rules governing the transfer of wagons between participating RUs; these are based on the GCU? (General Contract of Use for Wagons). In order to facilitate international freight transport, the participating RUs undertake to comply with the current internal regulations, including appendices. The objective of the ATTI SG is to enhance cooperation between RUs, harmonising and developing the relevant rules accordingly. It aims to allow better forward planning as well as to increase the quality and safety of trains subject to the agreement (ATTI trains).

The ATTI SG has an extranet portal hosted by UIC where all essential information, documents and QMS data can be stored and accessed.

The ATTI SG has an executive committee. Within this committee, selected specialists from participating RUs work on further developments to the “Agreement on Technical Transfer Inspection for wagon exchanges” and on the implementation of the quality management system.