On 30 November, UIC officially launched the UIC Railway Digital Platform in the presence of more than 250 participants, including CEOs of UIC Members, representatives of railway research and railway activities, heads of digital activities within railway companies, journalists, etc. The conference was also available via streaming so that representatives of the digital ecosystem could follow the conference through a live broadcast and ask the speakers questions.

The interconnection of persons and objects through the Internet weaves a close connection between the real world and the digital world, causing structural changes in the relationship with our environment. The digital world brings with it new challenges in the company’s relationship with its customers, its staff and its ecosystem.


Digital technologies underpin new paradigms in innovation and competitiveness across a broad range of market sectors. It is therefore necessary to identify the main digital potential fields and key enabling technologies which could result to quick and high benefits for the railways sector.
All fields of the digital sector should be investigated taking in consideration their applicability in the global railway system. The project will focus on the digital technologies which could lead of quick wins for the railway business.
This project provides the opportunity to develop a common approach for the benefit and interest of the Rail community by identifying:

  • risks and opportunities analysis of the application of digital promising technologies in the railway sector
  • Priorities and recommendations for the implementation of digital technologies
  • potential partnerships with high level center of competence developing digital enabling technologies