UIC Research & Innovation Awards

UIC Research & Innovation Awards 2018!

PNGAt the occasion of the UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail organised from 8 to 11 May 2018 in Ankara, the International Union of Railways launched the 4th edition of its Global Research and Innovation Awards. The award ceremony took place on 6 December 2018 in Paris, France in the frame of the UIC statutory meetings.

Anticipate the future and propose your ideas to make rail the backbone of a sustainable transportation and mobility tomorrow!

Rail transport faces present and future challenges for which research and step changes are necessary.

Research is a core value of the International Union of Railways (UIC) and is at the heart of the whole railway sector in order to provide the best answers and solutions to meet the challenges that will lead train to become the backbone of tomorrow transport through its innovations, especially in safety, energy efficiency or customer services etc…

It is in this double perspective of the development of efforts in research and innovation especially among students and young engineers, but also of the promotion of railways as a safe, sustainable and economically dynamic mode of transport, that have emerged the UIC Innovation Awards.

The UIC International Railway Research Board (IRRB) took initiative to establish these new UIC Innovation Awards following the objectives set out in its ambitious work programme adopted on December the 9th 2011.

Every two years, UIC holds these awards to support and promote:

  • the development of theoretical, experimental and applied research in the railway sector;
  • the development of international cooperation in the field of rail research and innovation;
  • the promotion and attraction of leading experts from different countries, research institutes, universities, railway operators, infrastructure managers, railway suppliers, passenger transport agencies, government bodies in charge of transport and individual researchers to address the most important problems and challenges of modern railways.

The first edition of this event was held in Paris in December 2012 on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the founding of the UIC, the second in December 2014 and the 3rd in St-Petersburg, Russia in December 2016.

UIC Research & Innovation Awards website: http://uic-innovation-awards.org

Young Researchers Awards

The Young Researcher Award is part of the UIC Innovation Awards 2018 to recognize young engineers and researchers who have made significant contributions in rail research and innovation.

The preparation of a new generation of talented young researchers is vital for the sustainable development of railway transport in the future. It is crucial to support the youth and stimulate its research activity.

The aim of the Young Researchers Awards is to support and encourage gifted young researchers, stimulate their research work in the sphere of railway transport, prepare a new generation of researchers, lay the foundations for future innovative development of railway transport and attract young researchers in the sphere of railway transport as well as to support the creation of favorable conditions for scientific discoveries and innovative achievements involving young researchers.

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