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Rail charts a new world (2010)

Somewhere in the world, a train is on the move

Railway Achievements 2007

UIC members in 2008 - Rail in progress worldwide

High Speed Love (2008)

UIC members in 2008 - Rail in progress worldwide

UIC: 90 years - Rail for Progress and Unity

UIC Innovation Awards

UIC 2009 - 2012

ILCAD 2012 (Don’t play with REAL trains !)

Opening video of the 84th UIC General Assembly - Portoroz, 27 June 2014

UIC Running Race (2014)

UIC HIGH SPEED World Congress 2015 (Opening video)

ILCAD 2014: Saving Lives at Level Crossings

Train to Paris - COP21 2015 Paris

ILCAD 2015 "Take your time don’t risk your life !"

ILCAD 2016 "Do not overestimate your abilities near railway tracks!"

What are International Railway Solutions (IRS)?

The train and us: a few minutes together discussing the major topics

UIC at a glance

What is a Railway Station?

UIC shares its values through charitable campaigns and intercultural cooperation

« Share-Open-Connect » : the moto of the UIC Digital Platform

Railway Talents