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What is a Railway Station?

What are International Railway Solutions (IRS)?

UIC: 90 years - Rail for Progress and Unity

UIC shares its values through charitable campaigns and intercultural cooperation

UIC Running Race (2014)

UIC members in 2008 - Rail in progress worldwide

UIC members in 2008 - Rail in progress worldwide

UIC Innovation Awards

UIC HIGH SPEED World Congress 2015 (Opening video)

UIC at a glance

UIC 2009 - 2012

Train to Paris - COP21 2015 Paris

The train and us: a few minutes together discussing the major topics

Somewhere in the world, a train is on the move

Railway Talents

Railway Achievements 2007

Rail charts a new world (2010)

Opening video of the 84th UIC General Assembly - Portoroz, 27 June 2014

ILCAD 2016 "Do not overestimate your abilities near railway tracks!"

ILCAD 2015 "Take your time don’t risk your life !"

ILCAD 2014: Saving Lives at Level Crossings

ILCAD 2012 (Don’t play with REAL trains !)

High Speed Love (2008)