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1st UIC Digital Awards

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UIC, the international organisation of railways, is to launch its first UIC DIGITAL AWARDS.
Together with its Members, railway companies, and through establishing ties with digital stakeholders, UIC is giving you the opportunity to shape the future of mobility!

Conditions for participation

Since new innovative solutions can also be developed thanks to a fresh approach, only start-ups can compete.
A start-up is a young innovative company with strong growth potential which is often subject to fundraising.

Not accepted for the challenge: subsidiaries of non start-ups, associations, individuals, companies over 10 years old, university research laboratories or schools.


  • Open Data
  • Freight
  • User Experience
  • Cyber Security
  • Objects linked to maintenance service
  • Connected objects / Big Data with three approaches:
    • Productivity
    • Services
    • Safety
Jury deliberation

The jury will be composed of:

  • The chairman of the UIC Digital Platform
  • Executive members of the UIC Digital Platform
  • A figure from the digital sector
  • A representative from the academic sector
  • A representative of a large company specialised in making luggage of the future
  • A representative of a large freight forwarder

The chosen start-ups will be able to present their subject at the Digital Conference to be held during the UIC General Assembly on 31 November 2016 in Saint-Petersburg in Russia. The cost of transport and accommodation will be covered by UIC for one person per start-up.
Rules for participation

Participants should submit their application before 16 October 2016.
They must show proof of a valid biometric passport and confirm in writing their attendance to the Digital Conference, which will take place at the time of the UIC General Assembly in Saint-Petersburg in November 2016.

For any further information please contact Francis Bédel:

To participate in these Awards please fill the form

UIC Digital Platform Conference

Paris, November 30 2015


General introduction - Jean-Pierre LOUBINOUX, UIC
UIC Digital Platform objectives & orientations - Yves TYRODE, UIC
Example of an innovative initiative: Hyperloop (Video) - Brogan Bambrogan, Hyperloop
Online form outcomes - Thierry BERA, UIC
Digital ecosystem overview: benchmarks & trends - Moundir Rachidi, Boston Consulting Group
Internet of objects: connected devices - Ludovic LE MOAN, Sigfox
Conclusions - Yves TYRODE, SNCF & Jean-Pierre LOUBINOUX, UIC


UIC Digital Platform Conference - Presentations

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UIC Digital Technology and Railway Security Workshop

Washington DC, 4-5 May 2016
Opening session:


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Session 1: Threats and Constraints


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Session 2: Advantages and Opportunities


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Hyperloop is real
General Electric - ShipperConnect™ Software That Optimizes Supply Chains & Keeps Rail Yards Moving
SIGFOX 1 - What will YOU connect
SIGFOX 2 - Sens’it Presentation and some use cases by the SIGFOX team
BMW augmented reality
Brogan Bambrogan, Hyperloop - Answer 1
Brogan Bambrogan, Hyperloop - Answer 2
Brogan Bambrogan, Hyperloop - Answer 3
Brogan Bambrogan, Hyperloop - Answer 4
Brogan Bambrogan, Hyperloop - Answer 5

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