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1st UIC Digital Awards

UIC, the international organisation of railways, is to launch its first UIC DIGITAL AWARDS.
Together with its Members, railway companies, and through establishing ties with digital stakeholders, UIC is giving you the opportunity to shape the future of mobility!

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Conditions for participation

Since new innovative solutions can also be developed thanks to a fresh approach, only start-ups can compete.
A start-up is a young innovative company with strong growth potential which is often subject to fundraising.

Not accepted for the challenge: subsidiaries of non start-ups, associations, individuals, companies over 10 years old, university research laboratories or schools.


  • Open Data
  • Freight
  • User Experience
  • Cyber Security
  • Objects linked to maintenance service
  • Connected objects / Big Data with three approaches:
    • Productivity
    • Services
    • Safety
Jury deliberation

The jury will be composed of:

  • The chairman of the UIC Digital Platform
  • Executive members of the UIC Digital Platform
  • A figure from the digital sector
  • A representative from the academic sector
  • A representative of a large company specialised in making luggage of the future
  • A representative of a large freight forwarder

The chosen start-ups will be able to present their subject at the Digital Conference to be held during the UIC General Assembly on 31 November 2016 in Saint-Petersburg in Russia. The cost of transport and accommodation will be covered by UIC for one person per start-up.
Rules for participation

Participants should submit their application before 16 October 2016.
They must show proof of a valid biometric passport and confirm in writing their attendance to the Digital Conference, which will take place at the time of the UIC General Assembly in Saint-Petersburg in November 2016.

For any further information please contact Francis Bédel:

To participate in these Awards please fill the form

Purpose of the UIC Digital Awards

The UIC Digital Awards in November 2016 – the first Awards in the digital field to be presented by the International Union of Railways (UIC) – seek to recognise the sharing of knowledge between railway companies and start-ups.

These Digital Awards should open new perspectives to the railway sector and to future mobility due to the innovative and creative nature of start-up companies.

Hence, the slogan of this first edition is “Start-ups! Together let’s shape the future of Mobility. UIC is your smart partner, Join the Ecosystem.”

Composition of the Judging Panel

The projects submitted by the start-ups to UIC will be assessed between 16 and 31 October by a host of personalities from railway companies, research bodies and the digital sector.

These personalities will mainly come from ERRAC (European Rail Research Council), the French engineering school Mines ParisTech, and railway companies involved in UIC’s Digital COMEX.

Project eligibility

The candidates taking part in this competition are asked to send a project plan which brings potential added value to the railway sector.

The projects must relate to three main categories in the IoT and Big Data: productivity, services and safety.

The projects will be assessed by a panel of judges formed for this occasion. The following aspects in particular will be considered:

  • Innovative nature of the project
  • Relevance of the project’s potential for application in the railways
  • Capacity (facility) to implement the project


The results of these first UIC Digital Awards will be published on 2 November 2016 at

The prize award ceremony for the three winning projects will take place during the 89th UIC General Assembly in Saint-Petersburg on 1 December 2016. The winning start-ups will have the opportunity at this Assembly to present their projects to all the UIC Members.


For any further information please contact Francis Bédel:

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About the UIC Digital Platform

Since the 19th century railways have been a cause and a consequence of the industrial revolution. And they have grown internationally at the service of society. Today in the 21st century they must be an actor and a vector of the digital revolution, with a world dimension.
Railways can better share information, open services and connect people at the service of humanity.

It’s important to highlight also the ongoing mobility revolution, with quantum leap evolutions in passenger experience (sharing economy, permanent connectivity, mobile first, …) and industry 4.0 (Internet of Things allowing predictive maintenance and transforming manufacturing processes, equipment of maintenance workers with mobile devices, …) by mentioning that railways have unevenly embraced this revolution.

Digital is a strategic issue. Objectives are to help share best practices amongst Members and help connect them with start-ups, where innovation actually happens. UIC method is openness. By setting up a dedicated worldwide platform in November 2015, the idea was to build also a community at the service of Railways, in order to “Make Rail smarter” in the coming years and decades.

This platform will foster innovation, help Members activate their projects and their contacts with the digital community. Based on their feedback, six priority topics will be cover first and foremost:

There is also a necessity to include digital in the value chain. Opportunities all along the value chain (internal and external) were mentioned – whilst allowing for the expected risks. In the “greater global digital context”, UIC must prove itself able to meet its Members’ needs, both now and particularly in the future, by furthering the leading-edge dimension of its research activities at global level and maintaining a vision and developing tools/actions/projects which allow UIC to continue supplying added value and global reach.

Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, highlights:

“We are opening a new era of creativity. Digital is at the service of everything. This platform has to be at the service of all
the UIC Platforms, of all UIC Members, and ultimately at the service of society. We want to develop its activities with the motto “Share information, open data, source, innovation,
services, connect people, objects” with an immediate link with security. We are becoming actors and vectors of our security. The future is outside, let’s work with brains!”

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