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Progress Paper V4 (July 2017)

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This paper, the third of a series that will describe the interactive approach towards rail digitalisation being led by the UIC Digital Platform, has taken into account the contents of the joint “Roadmap for digital railways” in Europe developed by CER, CIT, EIM and UIC and published end of April 2016.
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UIC Digital Transformation Tour in Silicon Valley (May 2017)

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The UIC action in terms of Proofs of Concept (2017)

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Since the 19th century railways have been a cause and a consequence of the industrial revolution. And they have grown internationally at the service of society. Today in the 21st century they must be an actor and a vector of the digital revolution, with a world dimension.
Railways can better share information, open services and connect people at the service of humanity.

It’s important to highlight also the ongoing mobility revolution, with quantum leap evolutions in passenger experience (sharing economy, permanent connectivity, mobile first, …) and industry 4.0 (Internet of Things allowing predictive maintenance and transforming manufacturing processes, equipment of maintenance workers with mobile devices, …) by mentioning that railways have unevenly embraced this revolution.

Digital is a strategic issue. Objectives are to help share best practices amongst Members and help connect them with start-ups, where innovation actually happens. UIC method is openness. By setting up a dedicated worldwide platform in November 2015, the idea was to build also a community at the service of Railways, in order to “Make Rail smarter” in the coming years and decades.

This platform will foster innovation, help Members activate their projects and their contacts with the digital community. Based on their feedback, six priority topics will be cover first and foremost:

There is also a necessity to include digital in the value chain. Opportunities all along the value chain (internal and external) were mentioned – whilst allowing for the expected risks. In the “greater global digital context”, UIC must prove itself able to meet its Members’ needs, both now and particularly in the future, by furthering the leading-edge dimension of its research activities at global level and maintaining a vision and developing tools/actions/projects which allow UIC to continue supplying added value and global reach.

Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, highlights:

We are opening a new era of creativity. Digital is at the service of everything. This platform has to be at the service of all
the UIC Platforms, of all UIC Members, and ultimately at the service of society. We want to develop its activities with the motto “Share information, open data, source, innovation,
services, connect people, objects” with an immediate link with security. We are becoming actors and vectors of our security. The future is outside, let’s work with brains!”


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